From February 1st, the fee will be abolished!

2022-09-15 0 By

Bank of China announced on January 25, said that for positive response, silver of the people’s bank of circ and other regulatory agencies and industry association, further cut rate on strength, hui beneficial to enterprises, the bank of China cancelled since February 1, 2022 personal debit card annual fee and yuan small personal checking account management fees (hereinafter referred to as “small account management fees”),Bank of China all personal debit card annual fees (including unpaid annual fees in previous years) and small account management fees will no longer be charged from the same day.Many netizens praised the policy as “reasonable”.Hope to “promote” ▼ and online @ ▼ small make up to sort out other bank found at present, China construction bank, industrial and commercial bank of China, agricultural bank of China and other Banks are still in charge card annual fee charging standard is 10 yuan/year/card except meet the conditions (reduction) of China construction bank left left left the industrial and commercial bank of China left left left down down down down down left left left the agricultural bank of ChinaIf bank of Communications is in the bank only an account is exempted automatically annual fee China merchants bank does not collect deposit card annual fee does your commonly used bank card receive annual fee?Welcome to leave your comments in the comments section. Source:, bank of China official website, Changjiang Daily, Jiemian News