3 mistakes in daytime skin care: Don’t do it again!

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Have a holiday to take home, everyone is not all the bottles of skin care to take a lot of?Go home and sleep until noon and complete your skincare routine before you leave!So the question is, how do we take care of our skin?Here are 3 mistakes to share with you during the day skin care, through the passing friends have a look, don’t make it again.1, do not wear sunscreen in winter many people think there is no need to sunscreen in winter.But is it really necessary to look at real time rather than the season or the weather?How ultraviolet rays damage the skin: That is, when the skin is overexposed to ultraviolet rays, the skin will lose its vitality, which leads to wrinkles.In fact, they are skin protectors. They can block out the vast majority of ultraviolet rays and help the skin reduce the pressure of sunburn.So sunscreen, mainly to prevent uv damage to our skin.In general, effective sun protection measures should be taken when the UV Index is greater than or equal to 3.More specifically, 3-7 can be appropriately matched with sunscreen clothes, hats and umbrellas;Above 8, it is recommended to use SPF50 with hard sun protection.2, daytime whitening is not a waste of network transmission many whitening products can not be used during the day, even at night also have to turn off the lights after use, still can not see the phone, otherwise it will become black.Usually refers to avoid light, is to avoid ultraviolet light.Because these whitening ingredients, which cannot be used during the day, are generally photosensitive.After the photosensitive composition is irradiated by ultraviolet light, it may lead to three situations: (1), easy to produce some irritating ingredients to the skin.(2), easy to be degraded by ultraviolet light, and then inactivated, this time will not produce what stimulating ingredients, but you may be coated with it during the day a lonely.(3) It will make the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet rays and prone to allergic symptoms.So, what ingredients are used in the daytime prone to the above problems?High concentration of fruit acid, salicylic acid high concentration of fruit acid, salicylic acid and other acid family can not be easy to mess with, no matter when you brush acid, brush after your cuticle will be in a fragile state, the barrier function of the cuticle will inevitably decline.This time by uv radiation, uv induced production is more convenient to enter your deeper skin, causing more damage than usual.At this time, if inflammation occurs, pigment deposition will far exceed the whitening effect.So in this reminder, even in the evening to brush acid, also want to do a good job during the day, especially after the hospital brush acid.High energy ingredients-Retinol The second category is retinol represented by vitamin A ingredients, which can repair light damage when used at night.But using it in the daytime is not only quickly disarmed and inactivated by uv light, it is also easy to be “turned”.The results of animal experiments showed that the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation of retinol was much higher than that caused by ultraviolet radiation.Of course, there are also some large groups, their products are very mature technology, not easy to produce such an unstable state.But to be prudent, I still recommend that you use retinol during the day and try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.When to use vitamin C is a controversial topic.The first thing to be clear: Vitamin C is a very active oxidant that quickly oxidizes when exposed to light and air, giving up electrons without causing skin damage, but it doesn’t do any good.Isn’t that a waste of money?Besides, why do they advertise “early C, late A”?(1) What is the use of vitamin C during the day?Vitamin C is easily oxidized because it’s really active, reducing melanin and its intermediates, and capturing other free radicals formed by light.So if you combine vitamin C well with sunscreen, you can greatly increase your protection from the sun.2. What is the difference between the C in “early C late A” and the C here?Of course, “early C and late A” correspond to anti-aging and anti-oxidation.And want to rely on vitamin C whitening, it is best to carry out in the evening, vitamin C is less free radical interference, more can be put into the action of melanin synthesis inhibition.Of course, as just said, if you are very confident about your sunscreen, combined with vitamin C, can give your skin a stronger protective umbrella.Actually the most conservative protect skin effective means, is function fierce medicine used in the evening, do day bask in, protect wet to go?Indeed, skin care during the day to pay attention to the “pit” than at night, if the sisters do not want to trouble, it is a good way to avoid all.