Year five, the most auspicious paragraph of words

2022-09-14 0 By

New Year new atmosphere, vientiane update!I hope you, put aside the troubles of the past, cherish the beauty around.In the New Year, laugh often, big and small things are not upset, store good luck, big and small wealth uninterrupted!New Year new hope, past zero!I hope you, forget the sad past, keep happy smile.In the New Year, everything is good at home, surprises, good luck in succession!The fifth day of the lunar New Year, I wish you all the best, you can have what you want, like in front of you, don’t bother chasing!The fifth day of the lunar New Year break all, trouble with the wind, happy things in the bottom of my heart, miss do not want, want to come!Year five, receive the god of wealth, four seasons make a fortune!Then five blessings, Peace Kangtai!The New Year, life carefree, never lack of money!Everything in the day, no worries!Walk in eight directions, eight directions to wealth, bonanza, more than every year!