Us F-35C dropped in South China Sea, foreign netizens went crazy to help China retaliate against US media

2022-09-14 0 By

F-35c dropped into The South China Sea.An F-35C fighter jet landed on the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in the South China Sea, injuring seven crew members. The fighter jet, which is expensive and regarded as a flagship weapon by the US, also fell into the sea and has yet to be recovered.After seeing the news, Chang Ying, a British blogger who pretended to write a credit card for China with his social security card, attracted several anti-China politicians and “we media”. He tweeted that “The US may be hiding F-35 fighter jets in the sea”, along with a picture of an English newspaper.To understand this statement, you need to understand the US media’s coverage of China a few years ago.In 2015, the Seattle Times carried an article hyping up the “China Threat theory”, claiming that China was deploying heavy troops in the South China Sea to target the US. The headline read: China may be using the South China Sea to hide submarines.Once the news was issued, the person who had seen it was shocked by this title to call “sky thunder rolling” : the submarine does not put in the sea, which can be put?Whose submarine is not hidden in the sea, but openly in the air or on the ground?Although “anti-China” has become “politically correct” in the eyes of some Westerners, people of all political positions cannot accept this kind of “low-grade black” that tries to blame China through the cracks so that even the literal meaning seems ridiculous.All of a sudden, foreign netizens made a lot of “submarines in the sky”, “submarines in the grassland” emojis, when the Seattle Times low-end “China threat theory” appears, foreign netizens will use emojis like the following to ridicule these media.So when Chang Ying posted this tweet, using this old meme to make fun of the US military plane falling into the sea, many netizens in the comment section immediately said “I understand” and laughed along with it.True when it comes to “hide”, no one than the world’s military powers of the United States more understand how to “hide”, even in their exaggerated description, “China’s hidden submarine” still “hide” in their own home, which is comparable to their U.S. navy, come all around China to “hide” fighter in the sea, “hide” to even one of their own half a day out.You’re doing a good job of hiding!(Source: Huanqiu)