The women’s team advanced to the final by beating Japan on two points: less twisting and more mental strength

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These days, the Chinese men’s and women’s football matches are really quite a lot, and coincidentally, the two teams have met very similar opponents.China men’s Football team lost to Japan 2-0 and 3-1 respectively in the round of 12.And Chinese women’s football was confronted by a Vietnamese women’s Asian cup quarter final, final 3-1 victory, semi-final with powerful Japan, in the case of extreme passive, equalised twice, after 120 minutes, 2 to 2 draw, both teams enter the penalty shoot-out, 6 to 5 eventually China (penalty 4-3) victory over the opponent, opponents, the women’s Asian cup finals.For Chinese football, I already don’t want any lash, china-vietnam war is my watch Chinese football for 20 years the most disgusting, a game in the past men lose, will be dissolved comments appear, scoffed at that time I was, feel a dissolution and lose the ball that is too have no ambition, but after the loss to Vietnam, I also really want to shout “the team’s dissolution.This article would like to talk more about The Chinese women’s football team. Frankly speaking, under the constant sufferings of the Chinese Football Association, the Chinese women’s football team has been reduced from world-class, to first-class in Asia, and then to quasi-first-class in Asia.Tokyo Olympic Games, Gu Xiuquan led by the Chinese women’s football, it is really surprising, defeat Brazil women’s group in the first round of 0 to 5, the second round of the worst of the touch power, Zambia 4-4 draw, is only the women’s final round of group against Holland, eventually lost 2 to 8, the game is 2 to 7, the Dutch coach on the bench could not help but joy.The defense is really a long story, and jia’s guidance of the way of leading the team and Li Tietian’s all kinds of ridicule, so that The Chinese women’s football team was pushed up the volcano, a piece of criticism.Then, the Chinese women’s football coach began to compete (we all know that the competition is just a form, in fact, the leadership of the internal selection), at that time Chen Wanting, Liu Huana, Zhao Junzhe, Zhang Haitao, Wang Jun 5 people participated in the interview, the leadership originally wanted to choose Zhao Junzhe, but Chen Wanting to win the praise of the fans.It is ironic that Shui Qingxia, who did not participate in the competition, was appointed.From the Asian Cup results, Shui Qingxia’s appointment is praiseworthy.For men’s football team, the head coach was changed from Li Tie to Li Xiaopeng. It is worth mentioning that the only time that The Chinese women’s football team did not enter the World Cup, the head coach was Li Xiaopeng. Li Tie should be changed, but Li Xiaopeng was obviously inferior to Li Tie.The attention of Chinese women’s football team is only available during the competition. Although there is less attention, there is also an advantage, that is, there is less torturing.Amateurs tube line, Usha hat is their most concerned, rely on these people to toss, can toss out a good thing, Chinese football for decades the level continues to decline, these people are indispensable.Last night’s Women’s football match between China and Japan was a bit similar to the men’s football match between Japan and Japan in the past few days. The Japanese team took advantage of the scene and the overall strength was indeed the Japanese team was stronger, but the Chinese men’s football team only defended without any attack, while the Chinese women’s football team defended but at least a bit of attack.On the other hand, the psychological quality of the men’s football players is very poor, and they are numb after losing games. Although the level of The Chinese women’s football team has declined considerably compared to its peak, the spirit of the old women’s football team is still there. They equalized twice, and the second equalized goal was scored in 119 minutes, which is very rare.