I was scared to death by the fire alarm

2022-09-14 0 By

Today we are still in accordance with the usual practice to the school on duty, today is the fifth day of the first lunar month, February 5th Ah Saturday and then the teacher came on duty about nine o ‘clock on duty I seem to have had breakfast after playing here, about eleven o ‘clock when the teacher on duty ran to me and said,He said that the biopsy in the health room that the instrument was calling the fire alarm, and it scared the hell out of me, and I looked at the smoke alarm, and he had this thing called.In other words, there was smoke somewhere, so he had a hot hair, felt smoke in that area, and that’s why he called the police.So I told the teacher our two personal division of labor, I said you look for a search all the places on the ground floor again, then I go to the second floor all the places to run again, and then make a phone call with the leadership, by the way is with the administrative personnel to make a phone call to report them, finished her report to our reply say seems a alarms in the next village, not our school.I wonder, next door community inside the fire alarm device how to get to our school?If the long past also got you in the community for a while to hold the newspaper, for a while to hold a fire alarm, our school with a ring.That is to say, if the fire alarm device in your community starts and alarms, then our school will also be alerted. It is not very troublesome, so he said to call a teacher to have a look tomorrow, right?How can you do without asking your master to come and see you, right?Why do we have to report a fire alarm in a neighborhood?This is an electronic device right now, that’s what it is, and I don’t understand why our fire alarm system is connected to the community.