Heshan Longling Industrial Development Zone: take the lead in building epidemic defense and provide considerate services to help enterprises develop

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Scan “Location code” to enter factory.In recent days, in the face of the severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, the construction headquarters of Longling Industrial Development Zone in Heshan District quickly pulled up the defense line of the epidemic, took the lead, strictly prevented the spread of the epidemic risk through various channels, and protected the stable and orderly operation of enterprises in the zone.At the same time, enterprises and project services should be strengthened to ensure business stability, optimize the business environment, and ensure the sustainable and healthy economic development of the park.Staff inspects the Posting of “site code”.”Hello, please wear a mask and scan the code of” Epidemic prevention Site “before entering the factory……”Recently, at the entrance of guosen printing Factory in Longling Industrial Development Zone, you can see that the enterprise has fully launched the “site code” scanning code inspection work, in the factory each entrance are set up eye-catching “site code” signs, all personnel into the factory orderly scanning code into the factory.In order to seize the initiative of epidemic prevention and control, the park quickly launched the “code on action” to issue enterprise location codes to enterprises.Up to now, 256 codes have been posted at 146 large enterprises and 18 construction sites of major projects.Liaison officers stationed in the enterprises delivered the latest epidemic prevention and control policies and requirements at 9:00 a.m. every day, guided enterprises to carry out disinfection of sites and express delivery logistics, registration and inspection of people entering and leaving vehicles, and inspection of people returning to Kazakhstan, and urged qualified employees of enterprises to step up their efforts to meet the requirements.In order to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention standards, the construction headquarters of the park arranged staff to inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures at any time, such as Posting “site code”, wearing masks, taking body temperature, scanning site code, checking health codes and travel cards, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the park.Factory working conditions.”What difficulties do you have in your production and operation?””Please be assured that we will actively discuss countermeasures against your complaints.”At the site of Jixiang home textile factory project, the staff of the construction headquarters of the park communicated with the relevant person in charge of the enterprise on site to fully understand the project construction and production and operation needs and ensure the smooth progress of the construction of the second phase of the factory.In order to promote the higher quality development of enterprises in the park and accelerate the project construction, the park has strengthened the service awareness of “shopkeepers” and the precise docking of “front-line services” to help optimize the business environment and speed up key projects.Taking this opportunity into consideration, the headquarters of the construction of the park cooperated with the liaison officers stationed in the enterprise to carry out “one to one” assistance to the enterprises, timely understand, feedback and implement the difficulties of the enterprises, and do not fail to call, on call, as promised.In terms of speeding up the implementation of projects, the construction headquarters of the park, combined with the “three one” examination and approval work, designated special personnel to assist enterprises in handling various certificates and permits for project construction, and followed up the whole process to ensure the implementation of projects.For the project enterprises that have been implemented, the headquarters will arrange special personnel to visit them regularly, and actively coordinate and urge relevant functional departments to solve the difficulties and problems existing in the process of project promotion within a limited time.Carry out the action of “Elements follow the project to relieve difficulties and resolve difficulties to the site”.”Security elements” breakthroughs made in key areas Solid development foundation for positive crack land elements restrict, made solid progress of project construction lift quality, and the acceleration effect, park construction in the district construction demolished and relocated on requisitioned land competition as an opportunity, concentrating on “elements to go with the project, provide relief difficult solution to the scene”, starting from the influence factors of land to the project schedule, improve the efficiency of the examination and approval of land,Fully integrate resources to guarantee land elements.Since the project started this year, the construction headquarters of the park has cooperated with the project construction unit to coordinate various departments to solve 21 issues related to the project, such as land application and approval, planning adjustment, water and electricity guarantee and earthwork transportation.Especially for GuanShanZhong system incompatible problems, road construction project headquarters park do active docking coordination of natural resources and change department, through the integration of data adjustment, optimize topological structure diagram and system process, has restricted the mountain road project to promote plugging point, improves the project change projects and working efficiency of the examination and approval of land.As a new engine, park development in the next stage park construction headquarters will park confidence, hand in hand with fact, overcome the difficult, insist on epidemic prevention and control is not slack, unswervingly pay special attention to the economic development, maintain social stability is not relaxed, booster park accomplished each goal task, strive to build a billions of output value of national industrial development zone, to be “achieved” zone leader,To implement the strategy of “three high and four new”, to create “five areas and one highland”, and to make new and greater contributions to the construction of modern New Hechan.