Devour the stars: Candace’s character changes and luo feng’s habits break out in battle begin to show

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In the latest 32nd words of devouring the Sky animation, Luo Feng defeated Candace. In fact, according to the original setting, the strength of Luo Feng and Candace in this time period of animation still has a big gap.After all, Luo Feng just entered the elite training camp not long, want to and have entered the elite training camp for a few years of Candace against, not broken arms can win.Luo feng knew he needed to beat Candace more than a month into training camp in the anime, while luo feng had already been in training camp for three months when he challenged Candace to a bet in the original.For luo Feng, the time difference between the original work and the animation is more than a month. Although the time of the final challenge to Candace is almost the same, the difference in mentality is enough to make his strength increase speed and play in the battle greatly changed.Changes in animation are not limited to when things happen.The battle between Luo feng and Candace was moved up in the starlight devouring animation because of a change in the way dragon blood was obtained in the animation.In the original luo Feng as long as signed to join the extreme martial arts contract, then his strength to a certain level, you can get dragon blood, it can be said that the original dragon blood is to luo Feng this top talent prepared.But when it comes to Swallowing the Sky, Hong arranges a tryouts and rewards them with dragon blood and a full set of nine school uniforms.This arrangement is bound to weaken Candace or strengthen Luo Feng, who has been in training camp for a while.Luo Feng was able to defeat Candace because of his breakthrough in battle.In Swallowing the Starry Sky, there are many breakthroughs in the battle of luo Feng. Perhaps the author of the original novel likes this kind of promotion, so Luo Feng’s breakthroughs in battle are always amazing.Perhaps some people think that Luo Feng can have a chance to break through and beat Candace, because Candace did not follow up when Luo Feng lost, but Luo Feng will lose, not his own reasons, but Candace’s aunt secretly, want to let Candace by cheating to beat Luo Feng.However, the character of Candace in the cartoon is different from the original. Candace waits for Luo Feng to return to normal, instead of attacking luo Feng after his aunt failed to hack into the security system.Although the plot has been greatly changed, candice’s behavior in the animation is truly cool, which is what a real man should look like.And the original work in the kandisco no such charm, the original Candace did not have the spirit of a true man, the original thinking and luo Feng against Candace, know luo Feng in the first month into the black dragon list 68, instantly dispels the idea of provocation Luo Feng.Even after his favorite girl has been pestered Luo Feng, Candace also dare not do anything to Luo Feng, this is the original Candace.Two people in the original work can have a war, or Luo Feng took the initiative to put forward, otherwise Candace where dare to provoke the first month rushed to the list of 68 Luo Feng?While the original character was a minor cameo, the animated character has clearly endeared him to many viewers.Candice may not be able to get very far, or even follow Luo feng’s footsteps, but at least she has luo feng’s heartfelt approval.Judging by her character in the show so far, at least Candace won’t be helping her aunt find out where Mount Roper is in future elite Boot Camp adventures.And in the life and death adventure after, Luo Feng can encounter a few new crisis again, he can be in life and death critical juncture again, make new breakthrough?Let’s look forward to the next adventure in South Australia.If you are interested in animation information or interesting animation content, welcome to pay attention to animation world talk, we will see you next time.