All are negative!Haikou announces the results of the second round of regional nucleic acid tests

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On April 4, a total of 669,400 people were tested for nucleic acid, and all the results were negative. Routine screening of regional nucleic acid test was carried out.Since April 3, we have carried out routine screening of regional nucleic acid tests in 43 blocks of the city, and a total of 500.07 thousand people have been tested for nucleic acid tests. One person was positive and diagnosed as asymptomatic infected person on April 4, while the rest of the tests were negative.On April 4, we carried out the second round of regional nucleic acid testing on the original basis. A total of 535,500 people were sampled and all the results were negative.A total of 669,400 nucleic acid tests in the city were negative.Haikou this afternoon will begin the third round of regional nucleic acid detection according to the second round of nucleic acid detection results, combined with the provinces and the panel to the epidemic prevention and control work in zhuhai, and city epidemic prevention and control work command will decide in the second round, on the basis of regional nucleic acid detection, further expand the scope, this afternoon will be carried out in xiuying, QiongShan work area of the third round of the nucleic acid detection,Please pay attention to the official announcement for specific time.As of 9 o ‘clock today, a total of 1,673 local confirmed cases have been linked to each other. According to the report, there was one new asymptomatic infected person in Zhuhai on April 4.Up to now, we have reported a total of 9 local confirmed COVID-19 cases (mild) and 4 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, all of which have been sent to designated hospitals for treatment and are in stable condition.As of 9 o ‘clock today, a total of 1,673 local confirmed cases have been traced to Haikou. Nucleic acid test results have been negative except for confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons.The results have been negative for 3,280 people who have been tracked down.371 cases have been traced, and 137 cases have been traced. In response to the outbreak, efforts have been made to trace the source of the outbreak and carry out regional control.Epidemiological investigations on newly asymptomatic infected persons were carried out in full force, and 371 people were traced to close contacts and 137 were traced to close contacts.Through analysis and analysis of the movement track of infected persons, Yate (International) Conference Center, No. 7, Changbin 1st Road, Xiuying District, and Building 5, Zone A, Fengxiang Garden, No. 24, Zhenfa Heng Road, Qiongshan District were designated as closed control zones, implementing control measures of “regional closure, staying indoors, and doorto door service”.No. 1, No. 3 Yard, Changbin East 4th Street, Xiuying District, Changbin East 5th Street Expert Apartment (Happy Homeland), No. 215 Binhai Avenue, Tianyi Phoenix;Fengxiang Garden, No. 24, Zhenfaheng Road, Qiongshan District, is designated as a control area, and the control measures of “no people leaving the area and no gathering are allowed” are implemented.The general public is requested to actively cooperate with the streets (communities) to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, and we will do our best to ensure the livelihood and services of citizens in the closed and controlled areas.Source: Haikou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters