Adults learn to control their emotions, it is a kind of top-level culture

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Chinese New Year at home, but also to the busy year for a rest, the busy year before, has been looking forward to the New Year, you can have a good rest.But often is the person too idle will think, too busy will doubt life, why do I make myself anxious, so busy?Even the son said: Pangpang, when do you have a holiday?Because busy, so the temper is hard to avoid bad temper, especially impatient with his son, is really a fire at the city gate, disaster.Short ten days, a lot of gray hair.People grow old overnight, I suddenly understand this sentence, and no matter what my mood is, the world will not revolve around me, nor will it follow my heart.We can change, but is themselves, for adults, good control of emotions, is a kind of top-level culture.01 Accept and put down the first day of the New Year with bestie street play, experience the atmosphere of the New Year, a sea of people, a cup of milk tea, chat rise, two people happened to coincide to find a quiet place to go.Talking about her parents, bestie sadly said that her mother did not care about her, enumerating her mother had brought their own sad, I can not help comfort her: at that time, there is no culture, do not care about them.As a matter of fact, I have been unhappy with my parents for quite a long time, but it was only myself that felt uncomfortable. I found that when energy is low, we are easy to be sensitive and sad about these trifles. When energy is strong, we don’t care about them at all.In fact, not only our parents, but also our partners, our children, and our friends, each of them has their own personality, with different ideas and habits from us, and they can not be what we expect.Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten.It is an adult choice to change what is changeable and accept what is not.Otherwise, we just punish ourselves for the mistakes of others. Most of the time, we will feel sad because the other person did not do what we wanted.To overcome the heart of self, to tolerate the heart of others.There is no need to magnify other people’s language, behavior, and self-injury.The way we look at people and things depends on what we have in our hearts.A good man is a man to hate.May there be scenery in our hearts and flowers in our eyes.02 Strong own strong, to put down.Let go, so that we can cultivate and become stronger.Life is their own, we want to have what kind of life, need to fight for such a goal, my life is by me not god, the adult world, there is no people without injury.And people’s inner strength can be exercised, dazzling pearl is also by a sand after decades of refining.The advantage of a strong mindset is that you are able to forgive or understand the actions of those around you, whose differences in knowledge, ability, knowledge, and economy may have led to this result.And hurt the mentality of the people will only complain, anger, sad.And after these experiences, you will find that the things we thought the sky was falling, now become so insignificant, everything will pass, those who can not kill us, we will eventually defeat.As Alfred de Souza’s poem says, “Love like you’ve never been hurt.Dance and sing like nobody is watching, sing like nobody is listening.Work like you don’t need money.Live like you’re in heaven on Earth.Our life spans only a few decades. The important thing is: What do we know we need?What kind of way do you want to live your life?At home during the Spring Festival, it is rare to be free, but I can pick up any book and hardly read it. Although I know that this is the emptiness bred by too much leisure, rest makes me feel confused. It is very important to know what I am doing.Think of their small composition, many days did not update, very not easy up the number, can not be their waste, then open the computer, began to code word, the heart is more static.In the coming decades, writing is my long-term goal, which can not only heal me, but also bring a little bit of sympathy or help to readers. This is what I consider value and happiness.Tomorrow began to work methodically, suddenly found that idle rest, but I lost the happiness.So, your goal in life is to make money?Or is it a small fortune?Is it running a good family?Or be a fairy forever?Have a career?Which one is what you need, go for it.For adults, having goals, controlling emotions and moving in the right direction means progress no matter how slow you are.Life can not be the best, but everything is half gratified.But human happiness and sorrow are not the same, do not expect others to understand you, and why understand?Don’t let negativity ruin your life.Simply put, eat when you eat, sleep when you sleep, and work when you work.Mr. Yang Jiang once wrote: Everyone will have a particularly difficult time, embarrassed life, frustrated work, love hesitation, not all day long.If you survive, life will suddenly become clear. If you don’t survive, time will teach you to shake hands and make peace.Play a good adult, MY mood I decide, control our emotions, don’t let your bad mood, drag down your life, after all, love you will love dearly, don’t like you will be happy, this is an adult top accomplishment.