Xiao Zhan again cooperate with Li Qin, “the sea in a dream” official publicity, Xiao Zhan quickly dispelled rumors and Li Qin gossip

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Li Qin shaw war again cooperation, “the dream that sea” officer xuan, shaw war rushed rumours and Li Qin gossip in the seventh start of the day, the entertainment circle of many stars also from vacation mode switch to “work” mode, on this day, February 7 shaw war with Li Qin in TV series “dream the sea” is officer made a cast.This is xiao Zhan after “Ace of Arms”, the following another drama about the struggle of children in the courtyard.From the actor lineup, in addition to the established shaw war from the start, but in the choice of the heroine, to a lot of reasons, pieces of casting process is repeated scrutiny, from the beginning from the miao miao, wen-jing CAI to the subsequent Yang Caiyu, very suitable for almost every one, but ultimately failed to get the resources, is cooperate with shaw war repeatedly Li Qin instead,Got the leading lady.And add in the “dream” of cooperation this time, this is war and shaw Li Qin isn’t on there is no intersection on the plot of the celebration of years for the third time the cooperation, the cooperation for the first time in his royal highness, the Wolf, shaw was spread with Li Qin skiing, news, shaw war side staff on the verification of whether two people because of love, playI’ve never heard of a relationship, I’ve never seen a picture of skiing.During the second collaboration of “Jade Queen”, once again because of the two people have cooperation, there was a scandal again. The scene of eating hot pot with the cast was cut into only Xiao Zhan and Li Qin, but the two artists could only deny the scandal again.This time “the sea in a dream” is xiao Zhan and Li Qin’s third cooperation, is also the third time both sides of the artist to clarify the scandal.Netizen breaks the news already cooperates for many times xiao Zhan and Li Qin, it is sooner or later thing together.Originally is in the top current position of the Xiao War, for one and again by gossip, is quite helpless, before the film and television drama of the official propaganda quickly clarified the gossip with Li Qin.In fact, as Xiao Zhan himself for the same drama with the heroine of the scandal, is quite helpless, after all, if not before shooting to clarify the scandal, continue to ferment will only become more and more intense, seriously affect into the group after the shooting schedule, the loss outweighed the gain.From “Chen Qing order” after the fire, has been bittersweet Xiao Zhan, experienced 227 events of xiao Zhan is actually very depressed, fortunately, after still can get respect, all the movies and TV plays are big productions.Xiao Zhan, who is also sober in the world, admitted in an interview that he could not fall in love when he saw himself as an idol. After all, being in love is like being unemployed.Therefore, it is a responsible attitude of Xiao Zhan to clarify the scandal before the shooting begins. He also hopes that when the drama starts, the audience will pay attention to the plot and actors’ performance, rather than the false rumors.