Wear book text: she wear skin white appearance beautiful sister, keep one’s place when female match, male master but rest assured sharp pet

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Hello everyone!The boundless huge crowd we meet, small make up is a senior novel amateur, has ten years of age oh, also want to share with you a beautiful novel ~ indefinite will update all kinds of ancient words every day, abuse, pets, books, military and other different types of fiction, from your appearance especially, America laguna handsome, little brother little sister if like to try some praise and attention oh!Hope can get your favor ~ today small make up recommend everyone: wear texts: she is wearing a skin white and beautiful younger sister, the satisfaction when women and men but rest assured, pointed pet waste # first # books: “wear book rebirth: bad wife to counter attack,” introduction: wear texts: her dress skin white and beautiful younger sister, the satisfaction when female, male master but rest assured, pointed a pet.Behind every story of a president falling in love with a white lotus flower, there is always a wicked woman.And reborn into a vicious female match huayao whetty to tying!Foot on white lotus, boxing hit male, tube you are white lotus flower female, or black cannon fodder, all bow to evil female match forces!Wonderful content: wear book text: she wears skin white beautiful sister, keep her place when female match, male master but rest assured sharp pet.Said here when Liu Qian also laughed out loud, can see how thrilling the scene at that time!Hua Yao listened to Liu Qian lost tone, she thought everything in the dream is true?”Bang!”The door of the ward suddenly opened and Mu Xian rushed in, “What’s wrong?””It’s all right. The doctor checked it out, but I fainted because of nervousness.”Liu Qian explained.Mu Xian was still worried and touched Huayao’s face. “No, let’s check again. I fainted for no reason.Eldest brother, did you not listen to Liu Qian say that because too nervous just fainted?Hua Yao, however, had a physical examination at Mu Xian’s insistence, and the result was normal except for low blood sugar.There was nothing wrong, but when Mu Xian heard that his blood sugar was low, he stewed black chicken soup for Huayao that evening.(Click below to read for free) the second book: “after wearing the book became the whole high-energy heroine” introduction: a computer, it inexplicable to the ancient times, why will the computer through?Don’t ask, ask even this code word dog don’t know!We’ll have to leave that to the story!Interesting content: “Ok, but I don’t have much raw silk, SO I have to buy some more, and that rope weaving method you taught me is too complicated and takes a long time, so I’ll try my best to get it out!If you go slowly, I won’t send Wang Zhan to pull Minyi onto the carriage. He plays the role of driver today. Zhu Ningqi and Shu Fan are sitting freely in the carriage, and Minyi squatted down to enter the carriage and handed them the silk rope.Early in the morning, the blacksmith subway shopkeeper took all the parts of the big clock to the front hall, waiting for Minyi and them to come over;Min-yi jumped out of the carriage and ran excitedly to the blacksmith shop. She looked at the various pendulum clock parts that had been made and thought about the coming big pendulum clock. Her heart could not contain her excitement.Introduction: Wen Shiyun dresses up as the evil bride in the novel. As a salty fish, wen Shiyun only wants to live well.However the original body has offended the big boss in the book Ji Rongfu.Brother Rongfu, you are very good, you are better than them all.Of all the princes in the palace, I know you can do better than any of them.I don’t want you to be like this because of the darkness of your past…Let’s start over. You want to fight for the throne, I’m with you.If you just want to be the idle king, I’ll be with you.I really, just want you to be worthy of your heart and heaven and earth.”Ji Rongfu wen shi yun holding, compared to just wen Shi yun, at the moment he is very stiff.But those words, even if again cold hard heart, listen to also can’t be indifferent.What’s more, the person who says these words, but his whole world…Ji Rongfu did not speak, respond to wen rhyme always only silence.(Click below to read it for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. I’m looking forward to your comments and likes!The encouragement of small brothers and sisters to small make up is the biggest power oh!