Turkish immigrants, endless benefits

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Turkey is a great country to visit for a long or even permanent stay.In this context, there are many ways in which people are accustomed to living and working in Turkey, such as short-term and long-term residence permits, work permits, applications for citizenship, citizenship through marriage and dual citizenship.Due to its geographical, cultural and economic centrality, Turkey is also one of the busiest countries in the world.The country is surrounded by the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East.It is rich in culture and diversity, with many different cultures co-existing, a safe environment and a growing economy.These are just a few of the many factors that cause millions of people to flock to Turkey for reasons other than holidays and tourism.Many life stories start with a simple trip and end with a career, house or life partner.When you visit Turkey, you can see why this is not unusual.2, the world pass Turkish passport gold content of the global ranking is relatively near the front.You can visit 117 countries and regions without a visa, including Japan, Singapore and other major countries.What’s more, a Turkish passport can be used as a springboard to emigrate to major countries in the UK and THE US.Turkey is home to some of the freshest and tastiest fruits and vegetables, as it enjoys a temperate climate that is like spring all year round.The food here is breathtaking!It’s a real food heaven!Turkey boasts countless locations that are beyond your wildest dreams!Filled with ancient sites, unique beauty and unrivalled destinations, visiting Turkey is an unforgettable experience.The freshness and coolness of a gentle breeze is not easily encountered.Throughout Turkey, cities and bike paths offer impeccably soft winds that will touch your soul.Amid its magnificent natural environment, Turkey offers a variety of activities and sports opportunities to satisfy everyone’s need for adventure and excitement.Many of Turkey’s magical lands are filled with fairy-tale wonders that create the best memories of a lifetime.Whether it’s weddings, honeymoons, or special occasions, Turkey promises to make the best day of your life even more special!The Turkish school curriculum is very diverse and focuses on foreign language teaching to create an international educational environment for Turkish students.Turkey is the second most highly educated country in the world, with an enrolment rate of 94.2%.Your diploma from a Turkish university is recognized in all European countries!In addition, after obtaining the status, children who return to China can enjoy the preferential policy of international students and have a chance to enter prestigious universities in China without the written test.