The seventh grade, the second volume of human education edition of English key knowledge exclamatory sentence rewriting the most complete content

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Unit12A exclamatory sentence structure detail explanation of this column in lesson 138, 12A knowledge point, the most complete explanation of exclamatory sentence structure.The second construction in the above picture is that the adjectives and adverbs are omitted.What is the interjection sentence?1. When a noun is an uncountable noun, adjective + uncountable noun, see figure 2 below.When nouns are countable they can be singular or plural.I’m sure you’re smart enough to know a thing or two, so let’s try it out: — Cute dog it is!What do you put in front of this blank?A. did you do it right B. did you do it rightSeventh grade English volume (human education edition), synchronous intensive teaching materials, improve students to solve the problem thinking Wang Teacher English class 399 yuan to buy column