The more the decline, the more buy, entrepreneurship and innovation fund (159783) in the past five trading days of net inflows of more than 150 million

2022-09-13 0 By

In the morning, the three major indexes opened lower and higher, salt Lake lithium, real estate services, digital currency and other plates led.As of 10:45, venture fund (159,783) fell 1.41 percent.Component zhongwei shares rose 2.73%, Kingsoft office rose 1.41%.Capital bargains layout entrepreneurship fund (159783), net inflows of about 153 million yuan in the last five trading days.China Amc said the blue-chip investment mainline may continue into April, but it is still bullish on growth opportunities in the long-term.For the full year, the long-term earnings of growth stocks remain competitive.The disclosure of a quarterly report or will bring directional judgment for growth stock investment.