The king of snow-capped mountain meets the king!How popular are Gu ailing and Su Yiming?

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After Gu Ailing won the gold medal in women’s freestyle skiing, Su Yiming also won the gold medal in men’s snowboard skiing, making China the youngest person to win a gold medal in winter Olympics.Overnight fame, so that the two young people received the attention of the whole country, before “Gu Ailing 30 endorsements get soft” hot search, after “Su Yiming agent refused to 100 endorsements a day” news occupy the hot list.They are similar in age, excel in athletics, and both are versatile all-rounders.Off the field, their commercial value has risen with the Beijing Winter Olympics.Judging from the growth experience of the two young people, they are like children from other families, showing high talents in their professional and life.Outside the ski resort, Gu Ailing is a model, a student with excellent grades and a gifted girl with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body and beauty. It is praised that “God has not closed any window for her.There are too many beautiful labels on Gu Ailing. Her success is not only lucky, but also courageous.Jumping on the platform and challenging 1620 left turn became the snow storm during this year’s Winter Olympics.Rui xing hair to celebrate posters to win a championship GuAiLing Su Yi stars of the future, not only skiing field, he made his debut in the “child” at age 9, with excellent performance even in the siege of shortlisted finalists 35th Hong Kong film awards best newcomer, then in a number of film and television works, a bright star way on stardom.However, they still resolutely choose skiing, which they love, as their career goal, and strive for it.The brilliant performance of a few seconds on the ski slope is the result of more than a decade of hard training for these two young skaters, who are hailed as “geniusses”.They tell people with their practical actions, it is true that talent is valuable, but hard work and diligence will not waste their talent, and only love can make people firm faith.Gu said in an interview that she chose to become a Chinese citizen partly because the skiing talent pool in the US is reaching saturation point, and partly because she wants to promote the development of snow and ice industry in China and make snow and ice sports more accessible to more people.In the face of the rumor that “every day rejected 100 endorsements”, Su yiming also responded to a sports media interview, he said: “never forget the original intention.”It is the great wisdom of this young man to resist the flashy temptation of being famous when he is young with his love for sports, and to take every step steadily and not blindly commercialize.As of October 2021, 345 million Chinese residents have participated in ice sports, with a participation rate of 24.56 percent, according to a report.From 2015 to 2020, the total scale of China’s ice and snow industry increased from 270 billion yuan to 600 billion yuan.It is expected that by 2025, the total scale of China’s ice and snow industry will exceed one trillion yuan.There is still a lot of room for growth.The growth of ice and snow industry, from Beijing bid for the Winter Olympic Games began to appear obvious increase.During the Winter Olympics, the public’s interest in the snow and ice industry also reached a new high.The spread of snow and ice to 345 million people is just the beginning.Market confidence in the ice and snow industry is also increasing.And the commercial value of sports stars like Gu Ailing and Su Yiming is exploding.Yuanqi Forest signed three winter Olympic gold medal athletes drink brand yuanqi Forest on February 15 in the brand activity proudly declared: “bet three in three, small yuanqi can be too lucky!”Gu Ailing, Su Yiming and Xu Mengtao (gold medalists in aerials for women’s freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics) have become spokesmen for the Brand, known as “New Youth of Vitality”.In just 10 hours on weibo, the number of reposts reached 23,000;It was listed in the hot list on Douyin platform and received 9.1W likes for a single video, earning enough brand exposure.In this wave of marketing competition for the Winter Olympics, the lucky draw for the spokesperson of The official publicity of Yuanqi Forest was forwarded by 23,000 people, and it was not only Yuanqi Forest that failed to win.Back in 2016, the ski sports brand GoSki saw the point and signed gu And Su as spokespeople.According to data, in 2021, GOSKI further accelerated its development pace, not only launched original ski equipment brand GOSKI ORIGINALS, but also expanded its team and received 20 million yuan A+ round financing from Paradise Silicon Valley.The “old news” in GOSKI’s brand has given the brand a lot of exposure traffic during the Winter Olympics.With the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics coming up on February 20, will the nation’s enthusiasm for discussing sports wane?On the contrary, the lively Beijing Winter Olympic Games, just like the opening performance of this year’s “Sports competition year”, covered with snow on the winter Olympic stadium, also reflects the sports industry “bumper year” is coming.The exciting Hangzhou Asian Games, the attention of football fans around the world Qatar World Cup will open a new round of national sports topics after the end of the Winter Olympics.On February 14, Douyin released its “Ice 2022” half-campaign report, saying that more than 25 million fans of ice and snow athletes have joined douyin since the opening ceremony.As of Press time (Feb 18), Gu’s Douyin platform has 15.58 million followers, while Su’s has 2.33 million.The emergence of a new generation of sports idols, such as Su Yiming and Gu Ailing, is expected not only to promote the popularity of ice sports in China, but also to increase public attention to the entire sports industry and attract young Generation Z to pay attention to and love sports.The future development of sports stars as new generation idols, the market as a whole is increasing confidence.Speed skating star Fan Kexin, the endorsement of Omega;Liu Jiayu, a famous snowboarder, signed a contract with Deppon Express, Zhanma and Yunding Paradise in Miryuan.Short track speed skating world champion Ren Ziwei and snowboard world champion CAI Xuetong signed a deal with Schicheda;Short track speed skater Yang Yang was appointed vivo special Ambassador of ice and snow;In the winter Olympics commentary table with eloquence attracted countless fans of short track speed skating famous Wang Meng, freestyle skiing air skills world champion Li Nina in the brand of Flying Crane New Year micro film……Comfortable brand signed commercial endorsements for all athletes around the ice and snow, not only on the eve of the winter Olympics the Chinese women’s team won the Asian cup champion, not only for alipay, sponsored mengniu 23 million bonus, and officer xuan roewe, plant doctor, such as brands, including saic roewe is directly sign three-year contract, confidence in China’s women’s long-term commercial influence.For athletes, commercialization can provide financial security for their career development.So that athletes can focus on sports and achieve more excellent results.For enterprises, on the one hand, they can make use of the good image of athletes and the spirit of passionate fighting to increase the reputation of their brands.On the other hand, under the call of sports stars, it can quickly open topics in the young consumer market and obtain huge traffic.Of course, sports marketing is not limited to commercial endorsement.Competition sponsorship, naming, cross-border marketing and other ways, constantly refresh the commercialization of sports play, for this year’s corporate marketing to bring new opportunities.Successful enterprises, often have the foresight and courage to stand ahead of The Times, forward-looking market, dare to innovate, fearless challenges, to stand on the “sports competition year”.Like confident and brave Gu Ailing, like young and fearless Su Yiming, to break through, to create.Face the snow, meet you on the mountain.Gu Ailing and Su Yiming’s childhood ski resort photo (Note: Article photo source network)