The Shachang Reservoir Management Office in Miyun district carried out fire emergency drill

2022-09-13 0 By

Recently, miyun district shachang reservoir management office carried out a fire emergency drill.According to the requirements of “Forest fire Prevention and fire Prevention Work Plan during Tomb-sweeping Day in 2022” and “Shachang Reservoir Fire Emergency Drill Plan in 2022” of the Management Office of Shachang Reservoir, the safety inspection group shall report to the safety leading group the discovery of fire in the mountain field under the dam of the reservoir and the on-site situation;The leader of the safety leading group shall, according to the report, initiate the Fire Fighting and Emergency Evacuation Plan;Leading group to organize all staff to get fire extinguishing tools, and quickly to the fire scene;Organize staff to put out fire according to fire situation.The periphery of the scene is the evacuation group members, responsible for the evacuation of trapped fire quickly evacuate the fire;Second, a team with shovels and other tools dug a fire tunnel not far from the fire to prevent further spread of the fire.Rush in the most front is the fire extinguisher team, find the fire on the air, use the fire extinguisher at the root of the fire, until the fire.Management office staff during the fire drill coordinated, listen to instructions, do their job, in a timely manner to eliminate the safety hidden trouble, exercise test the scene of the worker to emergency response ability and disposal ability, effectively enhance the cadres and workers of fire prevention and disaster mitigation safety consciousness, improve the ability of fire prevention, reduce the loss caused by fire.Scan the phone to open the current page