Qu Yuan management area phoenix township: civilization worship point to point persuasion, so that the Qingming festival more “clear” more “Ming”

2022-09-13 0 By

Rednet moment Yueyang April 2 news (correspondent Song Yu) “the epidemic situation is serious, you have to tell the family mo back from other places!”On April 2, the volunteers of Fenghuang Township, Qu Yuan’s administrative area, were carrying out “knock on the door action”. They preached the epidemic prevention and control policies and measures, while guiding villagers to actively persuade their relatives not to return home for the Tomb Sweeping Day.According to tradition, Zhou shuchang, who works in another city, returns to her hometown the day before the holiday and then goes with her family to offer sacrifices to ancestors on Qingming Festival.This year, he canceled that plan.”The village cadres called me early. Now that the epidemic is so serious, it is what we should do not return home.”When the reporter calls return visit, Zhou Shuchang answers.”Please everyone civilization sacrifice, ban ban burning, peace qingming festival!”Fenghuang township cemetery every day to arrange personnel on duty, persuade the Qingming festival away from home not to return to worship, promote the local villagers civilization, green, safe worship.In the persuasion activities, volunteers through the distribution of publicity materials, on-site persuasion, wechat platform, small speakers and other ways to advocate the mass network worship, flowers worship and other civilized low-carbon worship, to guide the setting of a new customs.It is understood that up to now, phoenix township has persuaded more than 350 people not to return home to worship their ancestors.