New spring tide play without limits, popular T5 EVO leads the new trend of the Tiger

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Since ancient times, The Spring Festival has been one of the most important festivals in the hearts of Chinese people. With the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, major brands and IP have also launched new ways of playing the year of the Tiger.As the “trend-brand SUV pioneer”, Vogue T5 EVO officially launched the Liger Trend-year version, and created a trend-song MV “Liger Worship Trend-year”, and set off a wave of trend-dance challenge on the short video platform, and then started the first round of the New Spring trend.Based on young people, faddy T5 EVO combines the latest, most fashionable and coolest fashion elements with the IP of the Year of the Tiger with a variety of whimsical ideas, creating a unique trend experience for trendy young people on the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, and creatively deducing the “New Year flavor” under the integration of tradition and modernity.The New Year is just around the corner, and fashionistas need new clothes, so do fashionistas.Year of Yin Tiger, faddy T5 EVO will be clever fusion of Tiger elements, for the majority of trend lovers special launch of the Lier tide version of the model.As the king of beasts, tiger is often a symbol of power and majesty, the year of the tiger is also often referred to as “the year”, and “tiger” represents the brave fearless attitude, are “confident audacity, goes forward with popular brands strong lion standard photograph echo, so popular T5 EVO liger boom years edition models also signifies” benevolent open years, good luck “.In design details, T5 EVO liger lowers the car boom years version, show a trend, low cool on style, and add more character painting and sports package, such as 19 inch plum claw wheel hub, “luxury” tail, etc., are to make vehicles look more combat breath, seems like a tiger ready to leap up, straight at the target.Into the car, the designer in the orange like tiger fur lines, bold black orange color design makes you’ll never forget the visual impact, especially in front of the headrest on meticulous steller’s embroidery, which convey powerful, originality design, popular T5 EVO liger tide edition in wild charm at the same time, more will be “danger and charming” posture.In the current consumption upgrade, the audience not only pursues the material satisfaction, but also hopes to realize the spiritual needs of personalized attitude.The popular T5 EVO Liger also launched a series of wallpaper for young users, these wallpaper are based on the popular T5 EVO Liger Hipster edition, the background of the use of neon colors, triggered users strong desire to share, continue to expand the volume of the brand.But series wallpaper is not just the surface good-looking so simple, but the “egg copy” will be buried in the bottom of each one of the wallpaper with creative slogan for the user to send New Year greeting, popular T5 EVO liger boom years version with wallpaper dialogue with users, make wallpaper brand communication channels, success will be deep memories buried in the user’s mind,Let users feel the brand’s heart and care.On the basis of one tiger and one lion, faddish T5 EVO integrates the Auspicious beast of the New Year with the brand totem, combines the fashion trend with the traditional culture, pulls the New Year ceremony feeling to the fullest in one breath, and sends the first surprise of the New Year to the majority of young people.It is worth noting that the Vogue T5 EVO Liger Pop year edition is also the first work of Dongfeng Vogue in 2022 user operation plan.In December last year held on the anniversary of the fans, dongfeng fan officially released a new user operation plan, and announced that the user will create including excellent plan, youth plan, fans plan three tide cool plan.At the beginning of the New Year, Dongfeng faddy T5 EVO Ligand Tiger Fashion year edition to explore the new way of playing the tiger trend, showing the young, energetic, fashionable brand image and the spirit of fashion play.Shake dance with HaiGe, eagerly anticipates the fashion tide play today, Z generation of young people has obvious tide play in common, not only do they hope to gain in terms of visual wallop, more want to pursue in the auditory stimulus, individual character, movement of tide play experience, while the EVO fan run years of the New Year,, of course, little also not of cross-border singing and dancing.In the arrival of the New Year, in order to show the New Year through young thinking, dongfeng popular together with “pear video” platform interpretation of MV “lion tiger worship tide year”.This song composed by new force Rapper — Rux, not only provides the young people with the full enjoyment of fashion, but also carries the blessing of the traditional New Year in a young way, enhancing the sense of ceremony of the modern Spring Festival.MV, popular T5 EVO Tiger tide year edition support, with a unique arrangement style, playful trendy dynamic melody, as well as the trend of interpretation, let this new spring tide song MV quickly captured the sensitive nerve of generation Z, presented a wonderful audio-visual carnival feast.Everything can be played in fashion. In the current era of national entertainment, Douyin is the most popular online surfing platform for fans.As an old brand car company, Dongfeng Fafafli takes the initiative to embrace the trend of The Times, together with the young people, not only in Douyin set off the whole network brainwashing tide feel dance, but also actively attract users to participate in, and send out surprise benefits.Once the fun # Youevo New Year’s Not EMO challenge was launched, it instantly attracted many fans and even many EVO owners and Douyin experts to participate, making the challenge extremely popular in Douyin, bringing users a sense of spiritual happiness and brand identity.T5 EVO has always grasped the trend of new fashion closely, playing with the majority of young people all the time, but also once again deepen the brand’s younger positioning.Coming in nonyl tiger year, dongfeng popular with “car”, “city” song “dance” three-dimensional mode brought the tidal ones, to the forefront of audio-visual shock play experience extreme tide, with myriad fashion youth to meet 2 the swagger of the New Year, creatively and found new expression form of traditional culture in the New Year.In 2022, the popular T5 EVO is sure to raise the tide again, bringing more cool experiences to a new generation.