Is the single male gun a version trap?TheShy was the first to defy, and the containment was an art

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It is said that the version of the god, if you have to play against the version, then the chance to win the game will be much less.There are a lot of “version traps” in LPL recently.Every time the coach picks the hero for his team, fans at the game frown.Recently, for example, there was a character that made a lot of people feel uncomfortable. He was the male gun.Is the single male gun a version trap?SAN Gun brother and Bin have taken out, and finally lost the game!In the world version last year, the men’s gun is very hot, and the effect is very good.At that time, the male gun was mainly to stay on the line, and then look for opportunities to fight in the middle.But now the male gun has appeared another kind of play, that is out of the “broken ship” this equipment.At present, this game is very hot in Hanbok, and the winning rate is good.Because the shipbreaker this equipment fits the male gun, the current male gun is basically a single drag, not the main group battle.But the recent period of time, LPL selected on the single male gun, seems to have lost the game.For example, RICH of V5, Bin of RNG, and Brother of EDG.These are LPL’s top single, even if they take out a single male gun, can’t win the game, and play like an outsider, so is it right to say, male gun this hero is not suitable for the game now?Is he a version trap?Words or can not say too early, sometimes male gun this hero, also want to see who play.Recently, WBG had a competition with UP. In the first competition, TheShy chose the hero of male gun.At the time, many netizens felt that when TheShy came up with this, it might be gone.Because a lot of players have failed to win the game recently when they took out the male gun. Can’t TheShy just take it out and win?TheShy is the first to refuse, and this containment is art!Sometimes ID makes all the decisions and it turns out to be the case, when TheShy gets the male gun, there’s only one word in his mind, and that’s involved.For example, in this wave, he cat in the grass down the road, only to be swept by the other side’s wine barrel scanning, and then the other side’s wine barrel began to chase TheShy’s male gun, resulting in TheShy’s male gun using a big move, E and flash, avoiding numerous skills, finally to the arrival of his teammates, and then the teammate’s harvest time.After taking the Tai Long buff, his four teammates led the line in the lower lane, while TheShy quietly dismantled the tower in the middle.To know male gun down the tower of the broken ship speed is quick, the other crystal is not yet out, the road was the middle of their own crystal TheShy fur is not left, the key is that TheShy line will also be soldiers brought to the front of the other side of the front teeth, direct torn UP two front teeth, puzzling home didn’t, that’s the charm of broken ships are male gun.In the end, this game was won by crushing, and TheShy’s involvement in this game can be called “art”.It seems that sometimes, is not the male gun problem, but when playing this hero, is to see who ID is!