Executive meeting of Gannan Government to study and review Implementation Plan of Gannan Law-based Government Construction (2021-2025)

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Recently, The gannan Prefecture of Gansu Province held the eighth executive meeting of the 17th state government, studied and deliberated the Implementation plan of the Construction of the Gannan Government ruled by law (2021-2025).The meeting pointed out that the construction of a law-based government should be put into the overall planning of the prefecture’s economic and social development, accelerate the construction of a government governance system with clear responsibilities and law-based administration, and comprehensively build a law-based government with scientific functions, statutory powers and responsibilities, strict law enforcement, open and fair, intelligent and efficient, clean and honest, and people’s satisfaction.We must adhere to the principle that government agencies must perform their functions prescribed by law and cannot do anything not authorized by law, and establish a functional system of government agencies with clear boundaries, reasonable division of labor, consistent powers and responsibilities, and efficient operation.We need to promote the building of a digital government in a coordinated way, continue to deepen the reform of delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation, and providing services, and comprehensively implement the practice of conducting review and approval services immediately, online, locally, all at once, and independently.We need to strengthen supervision and management of the formulation of normative documents, strictly implement the filing and review system of normative documents, and ensure that “everything necessary, everything prepared must be reviewed, and anything wrong must be corrected”, so as to prevent documents from being “released in sickness”.We will strictly implement procedures for making major administrative decisions, give full play to the role of legal advisers and public servants in making major administrative decisions, improve the quality of expert reasoning, and raise the level of law-based decision-making from the source.We need to standardize administrative law enforcement procedures, strictly implement a system for publicizing administrative law enforcement, recording the entire process of law enforcement, and conducting legal review of major law enforcement decisions. We need to identify law enforcement bodies, procedures, and matters, clarify oversight powers, and conduct oversight in accordance with the law.The Implementation Plan defines the guiding ideology, main principles, overall objectives, tasks, measures and responsible units of the construction of prefecture-level government under the rule of law during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. It proposes to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping thought on the rule of law and comprehensively promote the construction of government under the rule of law from a new starting point.Improve the functional system of government institutions and fully perform government functions in accordance with the law;We will improve the system of law-based administration and enhance our capacity for law-based governance.Improve the administrative decision-making system, and constantly improve the credibility and execution of administrative decision-making;Improve the administrative law enforcement work system, comprehensively promote strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement;Improve the emergency response system to prevent and handle major emergencies in accordance with the law;We will improve the administrative prevention, mediation and resolution system for social disputes to promote social equity and justice.Improve the system of checking and supervising administrative power and promote the standardized and transparent exercise of administrative power;Improve the scientific and technological guarantee system for the construction of the government under the rule of law, and comprehensively build a digital government under the rule of law;We strengthened the Party’s leadership, improved the mechanism for building a law-based government, and identified 35 specific measures for building a law-based government.(Gannan Justice Bureau) Source: Justice Department of Gansu Province