Epic Games announced Unreal Engine 5, Tomb Raider 12 and many more

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Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney announced Unreal Engine 5 during the “State of Unreal” livestream, along with a free demo project for building urban environments called The Matrix Awakens:The Unreal Engine 5 Experience, a beginner’s pack called Lyra, can be downloaded from the Unreal Engine website.The development of the game industry depends on the support of game engines, and the evolution of game engines can also guide the development of the game industry.In the demo video, Unreal Engine 5’s performance was so amazing that it exceeded netizens’ expectations and was a boon for gamers.Nanite is a rendering technology that allows developers to create games and experiences with a huge amount of geometric detail. It can directly represent cinema-level ultra-high precision models in the game, enhancing the detail characterization.One sculpture in the demo video, for example, uses more than 33 million polygons of the model, which is rich in detail no matter how closely you zoom in.The second is Lumen, which is a completely dynamic global lighting solution that simply helps developers create scenes with lighting.In the demo video, changing the direction in which the sun shines on the cave instantly changes the reflection in the cave.It does not use ray tracing, but achieves a similar effect to ray tracing.Photo source:Unreal engine official weibo unreal engine 5 function point far more than these, other areas such as new open world tool set, built-in and animation tools, to enhance the role of editor’s user interface and the characteristics of working process is expected to brings great convenience to the development work, as its website description, unreal engine 5 will lead to a wider world, more grand narrative,More unreal technology.Currently, tomb Raider 12, The Witcher 4, and the highly anticipated domestic TRIPLE-A blockbuster Black Legend: Goku are among a number of games in development that have been announced to move to Unreal Engine 5.Unreal Engine 5 is the epitome of current 3D gaming technology, but Epic Games’ ambitions go beyond that, and the engine’s use is becoming increasingly popular in film, television and beyond.Now that the metasomes have become the most popular term in science and technology, highly realistic open world games can also be regarded as an alternative to the metasomes. We believe that future games will bring more surprises to players.As shown above, most developers should be able to meet the recommended configuration requirements for Unreal Engine 5, but Linux users should be aware of an extra 32GB of memory.Unreal Engine 5 will make development easier and more convenient. When you make more than $1 million in revenue using unreal Engine 5, you will have to pay a 5% share of the excess. Otherwise, it will be free to use.In order to better support Unreal Engine 5 and related technical demonstration, AMD recently released version 22.4.1 graphics driver, along with some of the previous version of the Bug fixes.It is recommended that users with AMD graphics cards use “Driver Life” to update the driver, bringing more stunning visual enjoyment and more convenient development experience.