During the Spring Festival holiday, ice and snow consumption surged and orders increased nearly five times

2022-09-13 0 By

Winter sports and consumption of ice and snow are booming around the Spring Festival, the year of the Tiger.The latest data from Dianping shows that in the first ten days of January 2022, online orders related to ice and snow sports increased nearly five times compared with the same period last year.Since January, the search volume of “online experience course of ice and snow sports” has increased by more than twice as much as that of the previous month. Novices in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin are the most enthusiastic about learning ice and snow sports, and the order volume ranks the top five in China.According to Dianping, online visits to ice and snow World, ice and snow park and ski resort in The first ten days of January 2022 nearly doubled from the previous month.Since November 2021, online orders related to “skiing” have increased nearly tenfold compared with the previous year.While skiing and ice skating are more popular, ice hockey, curling and other ice and snow sports that used to be relatively “minority” are gradually attracting Chinese people’s attention.Since January 2022, searches for “curling” have risen 310 percent year-on-year, while searches for “ice hockey” have risen 130 percent, according to Dianping.According to incomplete statistics of dianping data, nearly 180 cities across China have ski resorts.From outdoor snow and ice world to indoor ski resort, the continuous improvement of snow and ice sports infrastructure and services, so that people around the nearest to participate in ice and snow sports.Source: Xinhua Finance review: Sun Shijian