Dapo township, Zhanyi District: I do practical things for the masses

2022-09-13 0 By

Dapo township is an agricultural township, in order to effectively protect the people’s agricultural production and daily life needs, dapo township red village committee, Wanluqing village committee and other village committee organization of the area of the main production road to pave the way to maintain, and the area of the people’s life needed diversion channel and life water pool cleaning disinfection.Some time ago, due to the influence of low temperature weather and snow and rain, the production and living roads of Hongzhai, Wanluqing and other village committees were potholes and muddy, and it was not convenient for vehicles and people to pass through. After receiving the needs of the masses, grid members timely communicated to the village committee.Red village, ten thousand green qing village committee in the field after viewing, brainstorming, have to find a way to solve this problem.Each village committee mobilized villagers with agricultural vehicles in the village to transport sand and stone materials, and fully mobilized the masses to repair and pave the way for production and life while taking advantage of the Spring Festival idle season.Finally, through everyone’s active work, the road has paved the smooth, for the later production and life of the masses to provide great convenience.At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of the area under the jurisdiction of the masses of water, wanluqing village committee also organized diversion channels and living water pools for cleaning and disinfection.Next, Dapo township will always adhere to the practice of “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, always adhere to the maintenance of the interests of the masses in the first place, the real heart with the feeling of force to solve the masses worry about things.Correspondent Gu Sijing