Break the foreign monopoly!He holds 6 cancer drug patents and gets media coverage!From Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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He is an anti-cancer fighter for people’s life and health. He has broken through the foreign monopoly of intellectual property rights of targeted anti-cancer drugs and independently developed new anti-cancer drugs.He is a pioneer in scientific research and has published 6 research papers in CNS.He is an excellent teacher who is warm-hearted to accompany students like ruzi. He guides students to actively participate in college students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In 2021, he won one National Silver Award for Innovation youth and two Bronze Awards for Internet + Hubei Province…He is Professor Chen Junwei of the School of Life Science and Technology at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.Chen Junwei, born in April 1988 in Xiangyang, Hubei province, is professor, doctoral supervisor and director of Biological Science (Sino-foreign cooperation) Class 2101, College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.He has been engaged in the research of cell mechanics, biomechanics, stem cell mechanobiology and tumor mechanobiology for a long time, and has published 6 research papers in CNS journals such as Nature Communications.We have applied for and held 6 anticancer drug r&d patents.Break the foreign monopoly, hope for the treatment of liver cancer in 2010, 22, Mr Chan chun-wai as master new and affinity, huazhong university of science and technology into cell biomechanics and regenerative medicine laboratory, pioneers in the field of cell biology mechanics, university of Illinois hoffer professors began to participate in mechanics method under the guidance of professor Wang Ning screening of tumor stem cells.In 2014, Chen Junwei, a doctoral student, discovered that retinoic acid can effectively inhibit the growth of tumor stem cells. Subsequently, he conducted research on retinoic acid inhibiting tumor stem cells under the guidance of his supervisor.The experiment did not go well at the beginning, and retinoic acid showed obvious toxic and side effects when injected into animals.In order to solve this problem, Chen junwei and his advisor, together with the team of Professor Yu Biao from the Institute of Organic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, used the concept of biomodynamics to transform retinoic acid small molecules, and finally screened out hundreds of new retinoic acid compounds with high efficiency and safety of anti-tumor molecule wyC-209.In 2018, relevant research results were published in the internationally renowned journal Nature Communications.After the publication of the results, and other mainstream media attention and reports, and received many calls from cancer patients.In 2021, Chen junwei and Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University further found that WYC-209 can effectively inhibit liver cancer stem cells, and its inhibitory effect is far superior to current first-line drugs for liver cancer, bringing new hope for liver cancer treatment.Biosafety concerns people’s lives and health, the country’s long-term peace and stability, and the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.While caring about cancer patients, Chen junwei always keeps in mind his mission and has the courage to take responsibility.While advancing his research, he has completed 6 domestic and foreign invention patent applications, which have been granted in China and the United States.With his dedicated research, he and his team broke the foreign monopoly of intellectual property rights of targeted anticancer drugs, successfully realized all independent patents and intellectual property rights, and entered the pre-clinical trials of new drug research and development, marking a milestone in human anti-cancer.In September 2021, Chen Junwei began to serve as the head teacher of Class 1 of Biological Science In Huazhong University.At the first class meeting, he prepared customized card sets for each new student and a birthday cake for the students, bringing warm and happy teacher-student meeting.As a young teacher of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Chen Junwei has always been adhering to morality and learning. While undertaking scientific research and teaching tasks, he also carefully guided students to apply for the life science innovation and entrepreneurship Competition.In 2021, Chen Junwei, as the instructor, led his students to win one National Silver Award in the 8th “Innovation Youth” China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and two Bronze Awards in Hubei Province in the China International “Internet plus” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition through further research and development of wyC-209, the global advanced targeted drug.In addition, as the project leader, he undertook the key R&D program of the Ministry of Science and Technology and presided over two national Natural Science Foundation projects.Since returning to China two years ago, her team has published 4 scientific research papers in international high-level journals such as Science Advances.A piece of chalk, two sleeves of dust, three feet of platform, four seasons of cultivation, as a guide on the way to become a student, Chen Junwei put the ideal and responsibility of moral education through all aspects of education and teaching, to help students establish learning goals and struggle direction in college life.The chinese-foreign cooperatively-run class under his guidance has excellent academic style and excellent course performance. The top 10% of the students in his class are all students.As a young party member teacher for 14 years, Chen Junwei is loyal to the education cause of the Party. In the recruitment season of June every year, we can see that he travels back and forth to various high schools in Nanjing, responding to students’ concerns and patiently giving accurate policy interpretation in the face of late-night telephone inquiries from students’ parents.Like mountains and rivers, they live endlessly in pursuit of ideals and values.Like the sea, let the youth bloom in the unremitting struggle of flowers.As a young man in the new era, Chen Junwei has always closely combined his own development with the needs of the motherland and the people. He cares about the people and the world. At the moment when the new era of biosafety opens, he vows to dedicate his youth to the innovation of biotechnology in the new era of the motherland.In the future, I look forward to his continuous breakthroughs in the field of science and education, so that his beautiful youth will shine more brightly in the process of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Pay attention to “HUST undergraduate Enrollment” headlines for more exciting information!Source: School of Life science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, huazhong University of Science and Technology teacher’s personal homepage