After watching the creation and destruction of the universe, I know that people are rare and bad

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The whole universe is in the process of continuous creation and destruction. The universe is an endless series of interconnected destruction to completion.01 The origin of the universe The process of creation and destruction of the universe is called a disaster. The universe is an infinite process of continuous disaster. Every disaster has its beginning and end.In the midst of the great disaster there are several small disasters.Big rob name has long Han, Yan Kang, chi Ming and so on.Longhan, Yankang looting phase continued, he boundless, I do not know how many billions of the past.”Hole xuan five said classics” said “too lingbao, often congenital, only born from this, countless rob, chaos nature”.The book begins with the proposition that “dragons, Han and Yan Kang are empty”. Such “empty billions” have no beginning and no end in time, while in each specific “catastrophe”, the universe is generated and ended, which Mr. Liu Zhongyu calls the unity of continuity and discontinuity.Continuity refers to the universe in the “he billions” of reincarnation reciprocating is infinite and continuous, when the end of a disaster, the universe into darkness and chaos, only the strong diamond wind in the whirl.There is no light even for the tao in the infinite void.When the time for natural evolution is ripe, a new epoch will begin and a new universe will be born.Discontinuity means that each specific “robbery” is separate and independent.When the new disaster was about to begin, tao qi coalescated and suddenly appeared in the air a fu shu, with characters of one zhang square and light hanging from eight corners.Yuan Shi Tian Zun saw, know to open the time has come, immediately put the jade word, daluo heaven to the court of fire to smelting, it immediately coruscated red light, so the red book.Red book jade word into the day of the Beginning of the Yuan Gang, known as yuan gang.Red book jade word, is the root of heaven and earth.An incisive discussion on the infinity of time in Zhuangzi · Geng Sang Chu and Lie Zi · Tang Wen.Nanhua zhen asserts that time has no beginning and end, and vividly and logically illustrates that it is always difficult to discuss time in the concept of time or in the coordinate axis of time.In “Lie Zi · Tang Wen”, the author shows the infinity of time and space through the dialogue between Yin Tang and Xia Ge. When answering Yin Tang’s question about the time sequence of “ancient things” and “present things”, Xia Ge thinks it has no beginning and no end in time.The Infinite Extension of Space Taoism not only holds that time is infinitely continuous at all levels of “robbery”, but also holds that space is infinitely extended in every specific “robbery”. This infinite extension includes not only outward extension on the macro level, but also inward division on the micro level.Described the nature of the “pipe” in space as “big no, no inner of small”, “zhuang zi, the world” in put forward the proposition about space, “big without outside of freshman year, through small no inner, of a” small, it is pointed out in the space on the macro is no boundary, infinity, that there is no “space”, so called “great”,And this kind of space which does not discuss boundary is named as “big one”, while in the micro perspective, it is believed that space can be divided infinitely, there is no most basic and indivisible “minimum part”, so it is called “infinitesimal without interior”, and this kind of infinite trace to micro is named as “small one”.The article also used a figurative metaphor to illustrate this example “a ruler beat, take half of it every day, forever”, this article about infinite space thought reached the peak of the depth of thought.The example · Shang Wen article you talks with Xia Ge two people not only reveals the endless time, also reflected the infinity of space, in the discussion of space, you put forward the “up and down eight party” is the question of whether or not to have extremely use up all the space, Xia Ge explicitly puts forward the viewpoint that space is infinite, heaven and earth and all things “size is endless.