“A glass of water does not overflow” traffic environment is created in this way

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Report from our newspaper (reporter Zang Yiping correspondent Zhai Nana) recently, the district bureau of Housing and Construction ying Asian transport guarantee special class organized the “municipal road inspection Wells and road asphalt construction technology” on-site observation meeting.That day, on the west side of jinqiao North Road side road, a steady stream of trucks to transport asphalt materials, pavers push hot asphalt concrete, steel wheel, rubber wheel roller shuttle back and forth, rumbling machinery, workers speed up construction.The construction side used “leveling the manhole cover first and then paving the asphalt upper layer”, “paving the asphalt upper layer to place the limit wellbore and surrounding compaction and then leveling the manhole cover”, and “side paving the asphalt upper layer synchronous leveling manhole cover” and other three ways of pouring pavement.After 30 minutes, the new manhole cover merged with the road.Area live built bureau, area monitoring stations, urban construction group to meet Asian games Asian games security work head and wading safeguard of road engineering and quality supervision party, the employer representative to inspect the whole “municipal road subsidence prevention cap and construction technology for asphalt pavement smoothness construction process, from the road surface roughness, material quality, manhole covers, joint details such as feelings of construction quality.Related person in charge of the district Housing and Construction Bureau revealed that the settlement of the manhole cover is an important reason for the uneven road. The self-adjusting settlement prevention manhole cover and construction process can change and enhance the settlement prevention point and force range of the manhole cover, so as to improve the road aesthetics and driving comfort.In addition, through the use of “new technology and new materials” to solve other problems of uneven roads.”Next, we will also evaluate the three processes and select one of the three processes with high recognition, smoothness and durability for promotion.”The chief said.”‘ Welcome Asian Games’ road flatness requirements are high, the longitudinal slope height difference can not exceed 1.5 mm, the height difference between manhole cover and asphalt surface can not exceed 5 mm, so the surface layer of fine asphalt laying is particularly key.”District Bureau of housing and Construction related person in charge of introduction, due to the previous period of continuous rain, coupled with jinqiao north and South road traffic, the asphalt construction is relatively large, “to improve the quality of asphalt laying, both need suitable weather, but also need relatively closed construction environment.In order to minimize the impact of traffic, construction units choose night and early morning construction, and focus on human and mechanical continuous operation, to complete the asphalt laying work of Jinqiao North and South Road, Enbo Avenue, Guihua West Road on time and quality assurance, to meet the requirements of ‘water does not overflow’.”Security project, said the head of the Asian games is one of the important project, show the image of fuyang area live built bureau led by Asian games channel project is mainly for road and greening projects, involving urban construction group, development zones, the transportation group three construction platform, including 320 along highway greening landscape, golf DaZhongXiu DaZhongXiu and looking eastward across the road, Kowloon east avenue to upgrade 16 projects, such asConstruction units are required to strictly implement the “One Road, one Road” plan, attach great importance to construction quality and quality problems, strengthen the supervision of progress and quality, safety and civilized construction, and ensure that the design quality is well controlled and the model projects of the Asian Games are well completed with high standards.Source: Fuyang Daily