A comparison of two versions of THE TV series A Dream of Red Mansions

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Recently idle, and watched the 87 version of the TV series “a Dream of Red Mansions”, and then watched li Shaohong version of “a dream of Red Mansions”, the latter before only watched a few episodes on the drama abandoned, this time carefully watched, feeling each has its own characteristics, are not very perfect.Do not understand the art of television, only from the point of view of a lover of the red house, on the two versions of the TV show briefly.1. Plot Li version of the 87 version of the TV drama “A Dream of red Mansions” story did not play according to gao osprey, there is no blame, originally Gao osprey book is quite controversial, does not meet Cao Xueqin willing.But the content of the 40 back after the TV show, also not very convincing, such as the death of Daiyu, Liu Grandma to save qiao elder sister.Continue to write qiao elder sister is liu Basking back to the countryside to escape, the future may marry the village rich son, this basically conforms to the judgment of qiao elder sister.After writing jia Fu copy home qiao elder sister was sold to gua state, Liu grandma to save, obviously does not conform to the real life.Just think: under the traffic conditions at that time, how could Grandma Liu, an old woman in her 70s and 80s, accomplish such a feat?Besides, the money I brought to Guazhou for the first time was not enough, and I went back home to raise money. How much time did it take?The 87 version of the TV series a Dream of Red Mansions has a rough plot and some classic plots are not shown, which may be difficult for those who have not read the novel to understand.For example, “Leng Zixing delivers a speech on rongguo Fu”, “A Dream of Red Mansions” mainly writes rong and Ning fu, with many characters. Through leng Zixing’s mouth, readers know about the relationship between jia Fu’s characters, but the TV series does not have this plot.Such as novel fifth back to “swim dreamland that fan twelve vents Drink the fairy mash in a dream of red mansions “, jia baoyu fugue and, under the guidance of nun 1 p illusions, in “rush company” saw “jinling twelve panties ZhengCe”, “jinling twelve panties vice volume”, “jinling twelve panties and deputy copies”, 12 of a dream of red mansions and listen to the song, this time the solid is indicated, the fate of the red chamber daughterStipulate the development of the plot of the novel, but it is not reflected in the TV series, which is really a pity.”Play group” is also a dream of red mansions in the interesting plot, the plot is not only the personality characteristics of juvenile treasure jade, and wrote the treasure jade friendship with Qin Zhong, do set the stage for Qin Zhong this the fate of the characters, and indirectly describes the xue fan, jia qiang for dude lives, also by the wife of the aunt Gu Huang Jin Rong to find qin2 theory raises the jia qin ke disease;Jia LAN appeared for the first time, giving people a sensible, dutiful feeling, Baoyu’s boy tea smoke also portrayed vivid.Unfortunately, there is no drama with such plot.Comparatively speaking, Li shaohong’s version of a Dream of Red Mansions has a much fleshed-up plot, after all, it took 50 episodes.This version of the TV drama is basically according to the original scriptwriter, the plot is rich, the character portrayal is delicate, but some lines are scriptwriter added, not too elegant.This version of “a Dream of Red Mansions” does not have “Wang Xifeng plays the iron Sill temple”, really should not, because this plot is the first manifestation of sister Feng’s audacity.In addition, there are too many scenes of singing.The reason why people like the TV series A Dream of Red Mansions in its 87 version and regard it as a classic is that the cast of the TV series cannot be surpassed.Bao, Dai, Chai needless to say, sister Feng, Mother Jia, Grandma Liu are also worthy of praise, rairen, Qingwen, Ping er, Yuanyang, Xiangling and so on, all have their own beauty.Here I want to talk about Jia Huan.Gu Huan and tanchun Gu Zheng and zhao aunt, tanchun romantic literary grace, see quite common, called “rose”, then Gu Huan will not look so bad that he should be vulgar, obscene, behavior show the Gu Huan small slanted eyes, give a person the feeling of a kind of cunning, useful, characters are compared with, and li version of a dream of red mansions Gu Huan is a crude fat man.Among the actors in Li’s version of a Dream of Red Mansions, bao Yu (two in size) is preferred. She has good image and acting skills. Personally, she is the most successful actress.The young Baochai is also good, but the image and temperament do not match the novel characters.Yao di is not bad as Wang Xifeng, just a little exaggerated.Jia mother acting is good, the image is not suitable for Jia Mother.Guiyalei looks too old to play Wang’s wife.Dai Yu in Li’s version of a Dream of Red Mansions is too disappointing for her image and temperament.Little Tanchun is not good, Shi Xiangyun is not brilliant.Yang Mi plays Qing Wen is not good, in addition to “make up a fur” that play can also see, the rest of no bright spot.Comparatively speaking, the actor who plays the person is ok.Xiang Ling is also not outstanding, when Xue Pan killed Feng Yuan, it can be seen that Xiang Ling looks absolutely extraordinary.Watching Li’s version of “A Dream of Red Mansions,” some of the characters look similar and not recognizable.The bad casting really hurt.There is no doubt that the 87 version beats the 87 version of the TV series a Dream of Red Mansions and gives people a feeling of beauty.One of the reasons I abandoned Li’s version of a Dream of Red Mansions before finishing it was because of the characters.It’s just that the actors aren’t pretty. The look is really unacceptable.That kind of bronze money head is really not appreciated. The low recognition of the role mentioned above may also be related to the shape of this bronze money head.The characters in Li’s version of a Dream of Red Mansions are perhaps the most criticized.4. Music The 87 version beats the 87 version of the TV series a Dream of Red Mansions.The music of Li’s version of a Dream of Red Mansions is really difficult to compliment, not only does it have no beauty at all, but sometimes it makes people think whether this music is more suitable for Liaozhai.After all, there is a gap of more than 20 years between the two versions of Honglou. It is natural that Li version is better in details.Lee’s clothes are more elaborate and the furniture is better.Li’s version is not faultless in the details, for example, the background of the Grand View Garden does not look like a real garden, but like a painting, and the flowers and plants in the camera feel inconsistent with the season.I scribbled a little bit, probably to the amusement of the cognoscenti.But after watching the TV play aroused my interest in “a Dream of Red Mansions”, I will read it again sometime and write some small opinions.