28 points big upset!The Nets rookie shot 7 of 10 in the final quarter, durant applauded, zhuang scored 11-19

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On February 17, the NBA regular season resumed with Steve Nash and the Nets traveling to play Thibodeau and the Knicks.Thrilling a game, the Nets once trailed by 28 points, but the end of the quarter to complete a big reversal.Rookie Thomas made 7 of 10 shots in the final quarter to save the Nets, prompting repeated applause from Durant and a satisfied smile from Nash.This service, the new version of the basket net three giants did not play.The Knicks got off to a hot start offensively, with Randle driving inside to score and then hitting a 3-pointer from the outside.Walker, Topin and others also hit back-to-back.The Knicks led 38-18 in the first quarter.In the second quarter, Nash made adjustments, using Griffin + Zhuang Shen continuous impact of the Knicks inside, the effect is good, the Nets shooting percentage has significantly improved.However, the Nets perimeter defense is still a problem, Randle, Fu Niye and others continue to bang into the 3-point basket.The Knicks led the Nets 65-44 at halftime.The Knicks hit 13 3-pointers in two quarters.In the third quarter, the Nets strengthened their perimeter defense and the Knicks lost power on the 3-point shot.Curry, who had been frustrated in the first half, hit a 3-pointer from the outside, followed by a 3-pointer from Lamarcus Aldridge, and the Nets got within 20.In the third quarter, the Nets scored 29 points to the Knicks’ 22.After three quarters, the Knicks led the Nets 87-73 with the game in suspense.In the fourth quarter, the Nets continued to improve their defensive intensity, randle shot from the outside, missed the 3-point shot, the Nets controlled the defensive rebound, curry continued to hit 3-pointers.Randle hit a jumper and Curry hit it back.The Nets’ Isaiah Thomas exploded, hitting two straight 3s and a 3-pointer in a 40-second span to tie the game with 3:24 left.In the final game, Randle scored from the basket, but Curry answered with a 3-pointer to put the Nets ahead.With a minute left, Aldridge hit a clutch shot to give the Nets a three-point lead.The Knicks attack, continued to make iron, the last 30 seconds, although the Nets missed consecutive shots, but the Nets grabbed two consecutive key frontcourt rebounds.6.8 seconds left in the game, Thomas hit a difficult step-back 3, too strong.In the end, the Nets rallied to beat the Knicks 111-106.Grimes scored eight points and Randle had 31 points, 10 rebounds and three assists for the Knicks before pulling his hips again in the final quarter.Robinson had two points, Fournier had 16 points and three assists, Walker had nine points and Quakely added 18 points.Brown had nine points and five rebounds, Johnson had 14 points and six rebounds, Zhuang Had 11 points and 19 rebounds, Stephen Curry 20 points and Mills eight points for the Nets.Lamarcus Aldridge scored 18 points and Isiah Thomas scored 21 off the bench.Congratulations to the Nets for their second straight win.#NBA#