Yingtan launched core measures to promote a “good start”

2022-09-12 0 By

Yingtan News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhu Xueqing, correspondent Yan Mijin) On January 27th, the copper foil production line of Jiangxi Xinbreui Technology Co., Ltd. workshop, located in Yingtan High-tech Zone, is running at full speed, and employees are busy at work.Executive deputy general manager Of the company Li Juan as usual down to the workshop to understand the production situation.”The government has taken hard-core measures, given red envelopes to employees and benefits to enterprises, and people are more motivated to produce.”Li Juan said that the current enterprise orders are sufficient, during the Spring Festival, all production lines at full capacity, the company’s more than 200 employees work normally without holidays.Li Juan praised the core measures, refers to yingtan Municipal Party committee, the municipal government on January 21, “on the encouragement and support of key enterprises during the Spring Festival major projects do not stop production do not stop a number of measures”.According to these measures, yingtan, more than 15 million yuan to carry out the fiscal subsidy for the continuous production in the city’s municipal industrial enterprises above designated size and on-the-job personnel production, as well as the city more than large and medium-sized construction project on-the-job personnel to subsidise, encourage support key enterprises to major projects during the Spring Festival production shutdown, backed economic strong start, to achieve “good start”.Expand production and increase efficiency, enterprises benefit.Under the premise of resolutely upholding the bottom line of production safety and grasping the epidemic prevention and control, Yingtan encourages enterprises with orders and markets to adjust and increase first-quarter capacity arrangements, improve capacity utilization and expand production according to the actual situation.To industrial output in the first quarter of this year and more than 50 million yuan industrial electricity consumption rose more than 8%, gross value of industrial output rose by more than 20%, taxable revenue rose more than 15% of the manufacturing enterprise, prepay 10% of the subsidies for 1 to 2 month electricity base, and the new power consumption to be 0.1 yuan/KWH of subsidies,The gas cost shall be subsidized 10%, and the maximum subsidy for a single enterprise shall not exceed 500,000 yuan.In the first quarter of this year, the new production of industrial enterprises into the rules on the basis of the original municipal reward, the main head of the enterprise 30,000 yuan reward.Stable post guarantee production, employees get red envelopes.We will encourage and support enterprises, where conditions permit, to keep their jobs stable and not suspend production during the Spring Festival.Yingtan on the frontline production staff and project construction staff, each one-time issue 500 yuan New Year red envelope;Non-yingtan employees who have not arranged dormitories will be given one-off rent subsidy of 500 YUAN per person;From January 25 to February 6 do not stop production of enterprises, according to the actual number of employees to give a subsidy of 100 yuan per day;Longhushan real-name travel double card will be awarded to each employee.For the enterprises that do not stop production during the Spring Festival, the migrant workers who return to their posts before February 6 will be reimbursed for the transportation expenses of returning to Yingtan according to the truth, with the maximum cost of each person not exceeding 500 yuan.Strengthen security, service is not closed.During the Spring Festival do not stop production of key enterprises, do not stop major projects, Yingtan leaders at all levels to strengthen visits and condolences.At the same time, we will spare no effort to ensure the smooth progress of project construction by strengthening the guarantee of essential factors, carrying out various public employment service activities, coordinating timely solutions to the guarantee of sand and gravel, commercial mixed supply, electricity, gas, heat, water and engineering.