Winter window buyers inventory: Who has cash ability?Who has a ghost operation?

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2022 winter window, Newcastle united, Juventus and Barcelona as a “burn Qian Sanqiang”, the top ten overhead line to remove only one of five major league club zenit st Petersburg, everton and tottenham hotspur, Florence, watford team also with enough active participation, brush the time presence in the market.Who can spend the most? Who can spend the most?No surprise award: Newcastle United main signings:Tripper (15 million euros), Chris Wood (30 million), Bruno Guimaranese (42.1 million), Dan Byrne (15 million) and Target (on loan) were the most sought-after players in the league until the end of the year, with a budget of over 200 million on paper,But the Magpies, which tested the waters for the first time under the new Saudi owners, ended up spending less than half.Although the planned central defensive partnership of Diego Carlos and Carlos Botman failed due to lack of interest in Newcastle, and deadline day hotshot Lingard failed to join on loan, the Magpies, who have made three additions, have outspent their relegation counterparts in terms of spending and new signings.Tripper and Wood’s experience, but also the lack of Newcastle.$70 million transfer fee + $11.6 million agent fee, making Him the third most expensive signing in Juve history.The bianconeri’s big bet on a Champions league place has gone down the drain after the bianconeri posted a 210 million euro loss in the New Year’s financial results.Serbia in Serie A unique scoring efficiency, for the current dry kick does not score zebras, no doubt can solve the pressing problem.After sending away buntankur and Krusevski, who have not contributed much in real terms and continue to be rated low by fans, zakaria’s contract expires in the summer for only 8.6 million is a good deal, at least on paper.Max Operation Award: Barcelona Main signings: Feran Torres ($55m), Adama Traore (loan), Pierre-Aubameyang (visa-free), Daniel Alves (visa-free) Laporta after the arrival of Barca’s more unusual market:Following summer’s visa-free move, the arrival of Daniel Alves and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang cost Barca nothing in cash and will have little impact on the increasingly tight salary cap.The 55 million euros acquisition of Ferran Torres, the first shot in the winter window, shows that the club’s financial situation is far from the dire one laporta has repeatedly claimed.But this winter, Barca’s biggest invention is the “hedge deal” : the loan of Adama Traore from Wolves, with a forward 35 million euro buyout clause that is not enforceable, apparently to offset the same amount of trincon’s buyout that Wolves are not prepared to pay.Of course, insist on “never lose” Barca, except doomed in Dembele body chicken, injured Umdidi, also let the team renew the operation of annual salary allocation, immediately pale many.Everton main signers: Miklenko ($23.5 million), Paterson ($14 million), Van der Beek (on loan), Alli (visa-free, with many add-ons), Gazi (on loan) Everton boss Moshiri isn’t cheap, but the reality is you can’t spend money.The toffees, who made ends meet after dumping dine, who benitez did not approve of, and the Spain manager, gave frank lampard a New Year’s bonus:Para introduced left-back m euro has experiences, the refinement, “scratch tickets” Paterson, is to use the new “magic lamp”, van baker can bring a lot of energy, to the midfield and the buzzer, introduced in the zero down payment, however, are one of god operation, the former three lions international only after 20 games, will trigger a mere 12 million pounds of surcharge.Given the latter’s slump at Spurs, which was more a matter of attitude than ability, the team clearly got a good deal.With the African Cup of Nations leaving the reds without a central and front team, Liverpool fans, increasingly sceptical of their continued enthusiasm for investment, received a surprise gift in the New Year:Luis diaz, the third most valuable player in the winter window, may not be the most urgently needed position for the Reds, but he can also see the team’s long-term thinking.The Colombian winger, who finished joint top scorer with Messi in last year’s Copa America, is still at the peak of his powers at 25, and dias is clearly one of the reds’ key new recruits if they are not ready to raise their wage bill and decide to dismantle the Trident.Out but not in Award: Arsenal main transfer:Obama MeiYang (termination), cora cena, (termination), maitland – niles (loan), Chambers () on a free transfer, pablo Mali (loan) even before the transfer window closed, Arsenal tried to introduce moira tower, and put forward the intention to DE Thomas quotation, but with the gunners have always procrastination and false operation, even find the expected.And the team’s aggressive policy of cutting back has come to a head this winter, with Mali and Chambers leaving at the same time, further thinning the central defence, maitland Niles heading to Rome to join jose mourinho and a lack of reliable rotation in central midfield.As for the “god of evil” dismissal of former captain Aubameyang, although it saves a lot of money, but the method is really disappointing.Perhaps the gunners’ biggest failure this winter was not the lack of signings, but the failure to send leno away in time.This article was originally published in Sports plus APP