Story: Parental certification

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Do you have a parental certificate Yulan Huang The Japanese writer Kotaro Izaka once said, it’s terrible to think that humans can recognize their parents without having to pass a test.Seeing this sentence, I laughed.I’ve talked to a lot of people about this.Xiong Angxuan, who won the gaokao in Beijing this year, said his middle class family, enlightened and capable parents, high-quality education resources in the Beijing metropolitan area, and various shortcuts helped him achieve a good score.Xiong’s parents are diplomats. He went to Beijing No. 2 Middle School and hung out with friends from wealthy families.Since childhood, I have traveled to many countries, including Europe and America. I have been to East Timor and Indonesia, and I have lived in Brazil for 2 months.In knowledge, already above ordinary people, let alone peers.Knowledge can change your fate.Add in the fact that parents are financially wealthy, knowledgeable and pay attention to education, and the child is not just a few streets away from the average child, but an entire city or a country.Although it is a little extreme to say “class solidification” and Hitler’s “racial theory”, I still advocate that parents should be certified to work, which is beneficial to the development of the country, society and family.In my understanding, the parental certificate needs to meet the following conditions: 1. Mature adults.There is a clear division of duties between father and mother.Instead of having a “big mother god” or a “fatherless” family now.Some parents, despite their age, are narcissistic, self-loving “giant babies” who need to be taken care of.2. Economic ability.Making money is an ability as well as a social responsibility.In the first half of my life, I must work hard for my family and realize wealth and freedom before I can speak about my ideals and lifestyle.We must choose high-quality educational resources for children to create a higher platform for children to become.At the top of the pyramid of knowledge and wisdom, there are parents who have not even thought about it, not to say never seen it.3, good behavior will.Integrity, kindness;Reading and lifelong learning habits;A healthy state of life;Elegant moderate body and mannerisms;Ability to take responsibility and solve problems;Have good qualities of optimism and persistence.4. Certain educational skills.A child’s emotional needs always come first, which is the foundation of a child’s lifelong happiness.Be patient with children;From inspiring children with the power of role models, to exploring a lifelong interest for children, to squatting down to “listen” to children, not to throw children to the elderly or TV, electronic products;To be able to pass their good behavior will to the children smoothly.Parents love each other, is the best education for children.On the contrary, it is the greatest harm to children.Young parents, please don’t be lazy with “you can’t be an adult”!The least we should give our children is roots and wings.Basic, is the economic condition and parents’ knowledge, conversation, education philosophy and family culture;Wings are the invisible things inside a child.Cultivate a child’s interest so that he or she can fly freely in the happy sky in the future.So, can you get this parental card?If you don’t think you can get the proof, don’t act like an authority in front of your baby. Practice now: Turn away from your phone, TV, or video game and pick up a book.Leave the bed, the couch, the gourmet food, and go to museums, parks, and libraries.Let go of complaints, negative emotions, anxiety and entanglements, take care of the family, watch the wonderful growth of the baby, give the family a bright smile and warm thanks.Give me very like two words for you: children are sent by god to perfect us;Child, I work so hard to meet the best you!