Inspection volunteers in quanzhou: the indentation of goggles is the most beautiful mark

2022-09-12 0 By

The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.In the face of COVID-19, procuratorial authorities in Quanzhou quickly gathered and settled communities to defend the first line of the battle against COVID-19.In the epidemic prevention and control work is in the most vigorous stage, quanzhou People’s Procuratorate police ready to act, heard the order.Reinforcements called out, more than 20 prosecutors responded positively, quickly assembled and formed a second batch of volunteer service teams, again rushed to the front line of the epidemic, quickly sinking fengze street Yuanhuai community, Beifeng street Qunshi community and Beifeng community three community points, into the epidemic prevention and control sniper war.Inspection volunteers ran in the city’s “capillaries”, strict implementation of disinfection and elimination measures, while doing a good job of public protection, but also do their own elimination, to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control seamless, for community residents to build a tight defense line.At the nucleic acid testing point, a convenient and fast green channel will be opened for students to ensure that the collection can be completed in the shortest time without delaying children’s online classes.In response to the difficulties in scanning codes, registering, communicating and walking in the nucleic acid sampling process of the elderly, we have patiently guided them, opened priority channels, provided door-to-door services for the elderly and the disabled with special circumstances, and provided practical protection for them with love.With their help, foreign friends completed the nucleic acid sampling process in just a few minutes.Under the sun, prosecutors stood by the nucleic acid test site, wearing protective suits soaked with sweat and drying them repeatedly with their body temperature.They took off their masks and goggles, leaving deep indentations on their faces. This is the most beautiful mark left by the war.Seeing the shortage of volunteers and the sweat pouring from their protective suits, more and more people volunteered to support the anti-epidemic work.After training, they will soon become an effective force in the fight against the epidemic.Help each other and fight the epidemic with one heart.Procuratorial logistics personnel worked overtime to transport epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities…They warm heart service guard rear, silently stick to the front line of the invisible epidemic.As night falls, the isolation board in the containment area has been erected, and the back of the prosecution volunteers is still firm and consistent.