Ice athletes for the Winter Olympics, family waiting for the warmth

2022-09-12 0 By

With the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Spring Festival approaching, the Sports bureau of Jilin Province has organized a visit to the relatives of the finalists of the Winter Olympic Games in our province.On January 27, representatives of provincial sports bureau visited the home of ice players Zhang Tianyi and Li Qishi to visit their families.The team said that the athletes have gone through many hardships and hardships along the way, and their growth and progress cannot be separated from the efforts and support of their families. I wish the athletes win honors in the Winter Olympics and the families a happy New Year.Li Qishi, from Changchun, has been named to China’s national speed skating team for the Beijing Winter Olympics.At richsy’s home, her parents displayed her MEDALS and certificates of honor from nearly two decades of ice skating.When talking about Li Qi’s participation in the Winter Olympics, her mother Li Ying’s eyes turned red, she said: “Finally in 2022, this is the moment to realize the dream at home, I hope she will stand on the podium and win glory for the country.”Changchun athlete Zhang Tianyi has been named to China’s short-track speed skating team for the Beijing Winter Olympics, making his debut at the age of 17.His father said: “I wish him a tiger with wings added to his wings in the Winter Olympics and a strong lead to realize his Olympic dream and champion dream.”The ice athletes who are going to the Winter Olympics in our province will turn their expectations and blessings into energy, strive hard, win glory for the country and add luster to their hometown.Source Cailian news editor-in-chief Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor Chi Ruibing