How much do you know about Facebook news Digest?

2022-09-12 0 By

There are many factors involved in the Facebook news digest algorithm, so special attention should be paid to the publishing of content. What types of information can be displayed in the news digest?A news digest is simply a stream of information.In the news summary contains several key points: pictures, videos, links, ads, status displays, updates to Facebook groups, etc.Facebook’s goal with news summaries is to improve the user experience, and to use high-quality content to reach the right users at the right time.Facebook in three, Facebook, what are the standards for content 1, your friend to publish posts, and the interaction between fan pages to post the frequency of 2, 3 users read posts the length of time, you like friends to post, comment, share amount will be displayed 4, if you have a post or page,5. If you click “like”, “Share”, or “comment” frequently on a post or page, Facebook will also capture that information.4. What does Facebook base high quality content on?1. Is there any corresponding operation for the content you don’t like?2. Is the content shown helpful to you?Basis 3. Is the source of the content reliable?4. Have you shared similar content before?5. Is the content timely and relevant?1. Create relevant content for users in a timely manner. 2. Interact with your friends frequently, so that you can build trust with your users.4. The research on Facebook’s news summary algorithm is to know what Facebook likes, what it doesn’t like and so on.Then make changes as required to both help your work and avoid the aimless Road of Facebook testing