Gold medal 9 to 8!On the last day of the Winter Olympics, China temporarily surpassed the United States to enter the top three, setting a 42-year record

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Beijing time on February 19, today in the evening to the 22 PM, stunning little good news from winter Olympics and China, we are in figure skating pairs of free skating program, SuiWenJing and Han Cong scored 9 gold for China, China further made a historic breakthrough, let us in the comments section below message, congratulations to excellent green barrel combination,Thank you very much!In the qualifying match yesterday, The Chinese pair had a very good play, broke the world record in succession, strong into the final battle.Today’s decisive battle, they faced the world champions, European champions and other pairs of strong challenge, finally successfully defeated the opponent, won the gold medal.At that time, the Chinese team came out last, and they had an excellent performance.In terms of total points, they won the gold medal with 239.88 points.Russia respectively 2, 3, 4, tara Eva and in Russia as morozov this union, the euro has twice won the championship, the results of their score of 239.25 points, that is only 0.63 points behind China combinations, is ultimately in the second, can say, this game is really hit the white-hot level.And Russia in addition a pair of ace combination, won world championships and the European championship title (na, combination of kareah merv, also has the excellent play, they finally scored 237.07 points, the third, and a combination of Russia 220.50 points to get the fourth, the contrast you can see that China will be able to get the gold medal is how difficult,How not easy.Another Chinese pair, Peng Cheng and Jin Yang, ranked fifth with 214.84, which is quite a remarkable result. The United States took sixth and eighth place, and Japan took seventh. It can be said that in this competition with the Russian and American masters, the Two Chinese pairs completely won.With the gold medal, China also overtook the United States in the timely gold medal tally. This is the first time since 1980, When China participated in the First Winter Olympics, they were able to overtake the United States near the end of the game, and ranked the third in the gold medal tally!Currently in real-time on the medal tally of Norway 15 gold MEDALS in the first, and Germany’s 10 second, China 9 came in third place, the United States in fourth place 8, the Netherlands and Sweden have moved into eight gold MEDALS, China currently has no strong gold MEDALS, and some projects, but relatively speaking, to get the gold medal is unlikely.And the United States team still gold point, may form a reverse, but even if the United States finally exceeded, China team can achieve today such a 42-year feat, is already quite remarkable.