Danyang Town: Epidemic prevention and control without missing the spring ploughing preparation orderly advance

2022-09-12 0 By

People diligent early spring farming busy, spring tillage preparation tillage.Since the beginning of spring, On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, Danyang town has taken early action to seize the agricultural time, taking multiple measures at the same time to do a good job in spring field management and spring tillage preparation, so as to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and spring tillage production “both grasp and do not make mistakes”.Make good use of the policy “baton” and mobilize widely to seize agricultural time.Danyang town through QQ group, wechat group, circle of friends and other ways, widely publicized the spirit of the central no. 1 document, propaganda party and government to strengthen agriculture, benefit farmers and enrich farmers good policy, mobilize the villagers to seize the spring ploughing season in time, scientific farming, quickly set off the spring ploughing preparation upsurge.Grid workers in all villages made full use of the opportunity to visit households during the epidemic prevention and control period, and actively mobilized farmers to work in the fields in an orderly manner, in different times, and in different parts of the field, reasonably scheduling the planting crops, planting time and planting plots, avoiding centralized operations and gathering of workers, and achieving the production of spring ploughing at different peak times.Keep good quality “safety line”, full service to ensure spring farming.Under the epidemic situation, ensuring the supply of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural film and other agricultural materials is the top priority for spring ploughing.In order to effectively ensure the supply of agricultural materials during the spring ploughing preparation, Danyang town early planning, early deployment, early organization, early reserve, timely market survey and analysis of the forecast, inventory of agricultural materials inventory, timely allocation of agricultural materials, to ensure that not miss the farm.At the same time, the staff of the agricultural service center will be organized to go into all agricultural stores to check the quality of seeds, manufacturers, production batch numbers, packaging, trademarks and invoices, and strictly control the quality to ensure that farmers can buy “safe chemical fertilizers” and “safe pesticides”.Read good field “management classics”, promote agriculture to improve quality and efficiency.Since the beginning of spring tillage preparation, Danyang town actively organized agricultural professional and technical personnel in the field, facility greenhouses to check the seedling situation, to see the condition, moisture content.Open ditch drainage, peg between the management and control of Chinese caterpillar fungus ill key link, the scene to guide farmers make clear ditch drainage weeding, early return to moss fertilizer, fields of furrowing JiangZi, weak seedling early striking root fertilizer such as the key work, further improve the level of peasant household production management, solve the farmers technical problems encountered in the production process, effectively technology to the field, home services,Ensure the smooth development of spring ploughing production.Do not miss the spring, look, patches of land, greenhouses everywhere have farmers busy figure.In the future, Danyang Town will continue to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and spring ploughing preparation work, and effectively stabilize farmers’ “grain bags” and “vegetable baskets”.