Da Yi 101 92 square brick, the last king of tea classic reproduction, now 4W market prospects

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# pu ‘er tea # 92 square brick is known as the “last tea king”, with the model of orchid fragrance.92 square bricks stand out in the tea market dominated by cake tea and create their own legend.Today, the owner of the flagship store “Pu ‘er Collection” would like to introduce to you the direct descendant of 92 square brick, a classic reproduced tea product released by Dayi in 2011, 101 92 square brick.Every day a professional original article, more than 150 star old tea introduction, share pu ‘er tea brand, old tea, as well as buy tea, save tea, tea making, tea tasting professional dry goods knowledge, all in the wechat public number “Collection Pu ‘er”, welcome to exchange!Dayi 101 92 square brick, inheriting the classic formula, is made of high grade raw materials of Yunnan big leaf sun-dried wool, with a net weight of 100 grams per brick.The tea plate is simple and atmospheric. Under the red tayi trademark, there are the words “92 square bricks”, and the four words “classic reproduction” are clearly printed on the layout.101 92 square brick has two layers of packaging, open the outer paper shell, the inner layer of a thin layer of cotton paper packaging, moisture resistance to gather incense gather gas, this point is considered very thoughtful.Whole small brick level off oily bright, with makings grade tall, delicate show bud.The front side is buried to stick the square inside blue tone to fly, the reverse side uses nine palace case to press tightly, along with use along with break, very convenient pry take.How does 101 92 Square brick taste?After the soup brewing, the tea soup orange yellow bright, the entrance sweet fruit honey fragrance, the soup mellow, aroma composed inside collect.Waterway moderate, neither thick nor fine, astringent feeling is relatively difficult to change, is a weak.Of course, it is still strong and has high foam resistance.The market of tae yee 101 92 square brick recognition is very high, after all, is the classic representation of Tae Yee, but also the 99 square brick of the elder generation.Since its launch, its market has been rising steadily, from thousands of pieces in those days to around 4W.There are 92 square bricks in front, predecessors plant trees descendants cool, 101 92 square brick prospects or very considerable.However, due to the high grade of raw materials and tight pressure, the transformation of this small brick still needs a long time, is still in the transformation of the youth.Over time, it will certainly bring you unexpected surprises.Disclaimer: This article is organized by the public account “Collection pu ‘er”, please indicate the source of reprint!Some pictures source network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!