Adhere to the “medical” line!Linli County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine those ordinary people’s heroic things

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Rednet moment Changde, February 3 – (correspondent Zheng Minghui) Spring Festival is everyone’s Spring Festival, but the holiday is not everyone’s holiday.The Spring Festival is a day for thousands of families to get together, is a time for family reunion, but there are always a group of people, only when others reunion, stick to their ordinary posts, silently performing their duties.Come, let’s get close to them and learn about their ordinary but great stories.Zhang, 47 years old, lived in Sixingang Town, Linli County. He was stabbed in the upper abdomen and caused lacerations and bleeding in the left upper abdomen. He urgently called 120 to Linli Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.The hospital’s surgical expert team received the diagnosis after a detailed examination: left upper abdominal knife stabbing, abdominal organ injury.Although the patient’s abdominal pain was not particularly severe, the surgical team, with rich experience, had to perform laparoscopic exploration in consideration of sharp instrument puncture.Intraoperative exploration found that: pus attached near the great bend of the anterior gastric wall, local retinal adhesion, separated adhesion, a 4 × 2cm wound was found on the anterior gastric wall, with neat edges and gastric contents spilling out after extrusion, which was confirmed as the anterior gastric wall laceration. Laparoscopic gastric laceration repair was performed.The damage of the anterior wall could not be satisfied, and the damage of the pancreas and large vessels of the posterior wall and nearby should be excluded. No damage of the large intestine and small intestine, liver and spleen was detected again, and a porous drainage tube was placed near the perforation to end the operation.After surgery, the patient’s vital signs were stable and his condition recovered well.Surgical expert team Zhang mou surgery.Shi Xinlong, director of the surgery department, said: “In this case, intraoperative exploration found that the gastric perforation site is relatively secret, and a little attention may be neglected.In addition, after the repair of gastric laceration, it is necessary to exclude other parts of the injury.Otherwise the consequences will be unbearable!Linli County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine obstetrics and gynecology on the first day of the first day of the morning, Jia Jia suddenly felt pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting.She came to our hospital because her pain continued to worsen.Jia Jia saw the doctor after only said two sentences “stomach pain, I am so cold!”Began to tremble, pale, pale eyelids!The expert team of obstetrics and gynecology immediately gave oxygen and established venous channels, and the bed side color ultrasound suggested that there was a large amount of blood in the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity.Peritoneal puncture was performed to extract noncoagulated blood.The lab reported an abnormal increase in blood HCG.All the evidence is pointing: “ectopic pregnancy”!Time is life!The expert team of obstetrics and gynecology raced against time to perform emergency laparoscopic surgical exploration immediately.During the operation, a large amount of dark red blood and blood clots about 1400ml were observed in the abdominal cavity, liver, spleen and pelvic cavity. The isthmus of the left fallopian tube was thickened, a crater – like breach was seen, and there was active bleeding!Risk!This is the culprit that makes the patient nearly go into shock!The pelvic blood was sucked up, and the left mesosalpinx was cut off to the Angle of the uterus by electrocoagulation, and the tubal stump was stopped by electrocoagulation. No bleeding or blood oozing was found. Drainage tube was placed, exhaust was discharged, and the wound was sutured to end the operation.400ml blood transfusion was given during the operation. The operation went smoothly and the patient was safely returned to the ward.The patient turned the corner!Jiajia, an expert team of gynecologists, performs the operation.Wang Hui, director of obstetrics and gynecology, introduced: clinical often need to be alert to no history of menopause “ectopic pregnancy”, misdiagnosis will delay the rescue time, very dangerous!This case not only did not stop menstruation history, and still went up ring, this kind of circumstance “ectopic pregnancy”, clinical go up very easy neglect!The device prevents intrauterine pregnancies but not ectopic ones.On linli in hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine had all the hospitalized patients with medical staff to New Year’s day in the morning, linli in hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine and sorted all the hospitalized patients with medical staff for each New Year greetings to cherry-pick the elegant New Year gift, sent to the New Year’s blessing, to make patients feel the care and warm heart of medical staff.For hospitalized patients feel the New Year festival, to experience the feeling of “home”, the educational staff in your busy day also room decorates meticulously, build sweet and auspicious New Year atmosphere, let the joy and the festival atmosphere permeated every corner in the ward, let in hospitalized patients a happy have a comfortable, each patient’s face is permeated with festive celebrations,Show gratitude and respect to all the medical staff of the department.All medical staff of the three departments visited inpatients during the Spring Festival.In Linli Hospital of TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine, there are a group of people, 365 days a year, no matter working days or holidays, day or night, their busy footsteps never stop, on their ordinary posts, step by step, silently interpreting the faith of Linli people of Traditional Chinese medicine.