29 for 34 in 4!Green found the Hayes manual!Pelicans still want to trade him?

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The Pelicans, who won their third straight game with a 120-107 victory over the rockets earlier in the day, moved into the playoffs with a 21-32 record and 10th place in the Western Conference.But in front of the game, a few outstanding potential inside jaxxon hayes again showed his efficient attack, the game he reserves for 27 minutes, 8 of 10, 3 2 1, and 2 blocks per game, scored 21 points and 7 rebounds 2 steals in and wood, Martin, shen jing the insider not falling under the registration of the wind.With 68 points and 32 rebounds on 29-of-34 shooting in his last four games, it’s clear that new Pelicans coach Willie Green has found his script as the season has progressed.No. 1 overall pick Zion hasn’t played a game this season because of a knee injury, which has allowed fellow first-round no. 8 pick Chuck Hayes to get some playing time.Hayes has logged 27.2 minutes in his last five games, Posting 14.6 points, 6.8 rebounds, 1.4 blocks and shooting an awesome 83.3 percent from the field.The reason why can usher in such a big outbreak, more or less also has a certain relationship with his playing style change.At the beginning of the season, the green is essentially put hayes for 5 a, to be sure their height and arm span has certain advantages (show 2 meters height 2 meters, 11 arm (22), but with a certain weight or those 5 gap (99 kg), but in recent games, to play 4 hayes transformation, fully use their mobility,With Ingram selflessly feeding him, Hayes became the Pelicans’ pie king.In his team’s last win over Denver, Hayes wasn’t intimidated by jokic, Posting his first double-double of the season (22 points and 11 rebounds).It is worth mentioning that in not long ago had the media revealed that the pelican Alexander walker and hayes can be traded, but perhaps it is heard that trade rumors, makes hayes finally begin to understand, to deliver on their lottery talent show, and the outbreak of the field, also let David griffin is very awkward, whether also to him on the shelf?Hayes, now 21 years old, attended the University of Texas in the NCAA and was picked by the Pelicans in the first round with the eighth pick in the 19th draft.During the summer league, Hayes showed his talent with a Slam Dunk.Hayes has been seen as a workhorse for the pelicans for years because of his offense, but this season, Willie Green’s arrival has transformed the potential post player into the 4 position, showing his mobility.Hayes is averaging 8.4 points and four rebounds and shooting 63.5 percent from the field in just 15.9 minutes of play so far, and the twin towers of him and Varin have given opponents problems in those games.If pelicans are really determined to cultivate hayes, the might as well just put him in to start, and Mr Varin partner, considering the latter has a 3-point shooting ability, hayes can also get plenty of Spaces in the area, if the season really zion season, can harvest the growth of hayes, also have not cannot.