Wuxing police help mother and son reunite after five years of separation

2022-09-11 0 By

At noon on February 9, wuxing District public Security bureau high-tech park police station reception and handling police hall ushered in three dusty people for help, all the way to the three eyes full of fatigue, but the eyes revealed a very thirsty and hope.Police on duty, auxiliary police warmly received them, after some inquiries, things finally have some eyebrows.It has been five years since Aunt Xin cut off contact with her son Xiao Ding in 2017. In the past few years, she has never stopped trying to find his whereabouts. However, Xiao Ding’s mobile phone number has been changed, and his original address has long been empty.Cultural level is not high sheen aunt no way, had to repeatedly to the local public security organ for help, in not long ago, xin aunt finally obtained from the local public security organs, his son xiaoding recently vaccinated against the new champions in huzhou high-tech zone, and this clue to let aunt renewed hope, then draw the son-in-law and eldest son overnight from henan to huzhou,More than 600 kilometers of driving make a group of people seem very tired.After a series of personnel information inquiries, within half an hour, xiao Ding is sure to work in the Lougang Area of Tai Lake. The police immediately went to the police office for verification.Xiaoding was surprised by the arrival of the police, after some explanation and persuasion, Xiaoding slowly put down the psychological burden, agreed to meet with his family.At half-past one this afternoon, aunt may be symplectic lifelong memorable moment, with the help of hi-tech, auxiliary police station people, and lost five years of her son finally met at Lou port police room, mother and son two people sorrow, backlog in the heart years of injustice and don’t give up at this moment to break out, touching the atmosphere of infection with the presence of everyone.Later, the police learned from Ding that ding lost his ID card and mobile phone accidentally when he went to work in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province from his hometown in Henan province in 2017. In addition to the labor dispute, Ding was temporarily upset and chose to cut off contact with his family, not to make a scene.However, these years xiaoding is not well, wandering around for work, let him just want to return to the harbor of the home to have a good rest, but he is not in contact with the home for many years, now also “no face” to go back, he never thought that his mother and family have been looking for him…Xiaoding told the police, the reunion let him think of a lot of things, he intends to go back with his family to the year after the new plan.