The 4 strange eating habits of Jiangxi people, especially the 4th one

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When it comes to Jiangxi, what do you think of?Many people think of the nickname “aqua Lin province”, is the existence of jiangxi feeling is very weak, but the food a lot of jiangxi province, jiangxi fry powder, for example, whether in xiamen, or north of a second-tier cities such as guangzhou, the streets are everywhere it figure, eight dollars a Fried powder in jiangxi, became a lot of people working comfort the heart of a good meal.In Jiangxi, 11 regions have their own characteristic delicacies, such as Xingguo rice noodle fish, Dayu scalding, Shangyou Bao rice fruit, Ruijin beef soup, Ningdu meatball, Anyuan sanxian powder and other snacks in southern Jiangxi.Overall, jiangxi people eating spicy, taste of lay particular stress on, fry a green vegetables, steamed egg all want to put pepper, jiangxi people to eat is very exquisite, today let’s take a look at the four big strange jiangxi people eating habits, outsiders look not to understand, especially the fourth, but there are a lot of netizens said after watching the last is jiangxi people.One of the strange eating habits of Jiangxi people is that there is no banquet without chicken and duck. In Guangdong and many other areas, people pay attention to “no banquet without chicken”, but Jiangxi pays attention to chicken, duck and fish, especially in wedding dishes, not only chicken, duck is also essential.Jiangxi people like to drink duck soup, like to drink chicken soup, before a friend of jiangxi colleagues to play at home, parents busy in the field for a day, forget to go to the street to buy vegetables, so the old hen was killed, cooked a bowl of chicken soup to entertain friends, the friend moved to even drink 3 bowls of chicken soup.Jiangxi people love to eat lard fried vegetables, unlike people in other areas, Jiangxi is not short of oil, Jiangxi is rich in camellia oil, even so, but Jiangxi people still like to use pork to fry vegetables.The pork bought in the vegetable market is cut off and fried with small fire until it turns golden, leaving the lard with a pungent aroma. Finally, the vegetables are stir-fried together in the pot. The vegetables taste crisp and tender, fragrant and refreshing, which makes people’s index finger move.Unlike cantonese people who prefer to eat boiled vegetables, Jiangxi people prefer to stir-fry vegetables in a wok at maximum heat, so that the vegetables taste the most delicious.With the addition of lard, let the green vegetables also become a meat dish, is a real sense than meat delicious vegetarian dishes.Three, seafood to eat heavy taste Jiangxi people do not rely on the sea, surrounded by mountains, jiangxi people are not used to eating seafood, in the major supermarkets in Jiangxi, the most cold area is seafood area, in addition to grass carp, silver carp and other freshwater fish can sell out, turbot and other seafood dishes sales are not good.Even if want to eat seafood, Jiangxi people pay attention to heavy taste, such as fried clam, put a lot of pepper, even crab in Jiangxi people do not like to eat steamed, but prefer to eat spicy crab with heavy taste.In jiangxi hotpot restaurants, restaurants, seafood dishes are all heavy taste, steaming seafood in Jiangxi people this practice is not the consumer market.The strangest eating habit in Jiangxi is number four. There is a strict limit to the number of dishes served, either 6,9 or 12.If you visit a kiangsi home, you’ll find that there are strict rules about the number of dishes on the table.There will not be 4 dishes, 5 dishes, 7 dishes, 8 dishes such a collocation, will be strict requirements of 6,9,12 levels of production of dishes.If you eat 12 dishes at a friend’s house in Jiangxi, it shows that the host respects you as a guest.These are the 4 strange eating habits of Jiangxi people. Outsiders say they don’t understand them, but Jiangxi people say they are too in place.What do you think about that?Give people roses, lingering fragrance, like, tweet and forward good luck, wish you unexpected luck and sudden joy.This article is original by catering new era, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!Welcome to leave a comment, collect and forward, each of your points like, I seriously as “like”.If you are interested in the catering industry, love food, like entrepreneurship, have ideas and dreams, then you might as well pay attention to us, every day to bring you a different perspective to interpret catering entrepreneurship, share food.There are more wonderful views, welcome everyone private letter me, pictures from the network with pictures, if there is infringement, please inform to delete.