Legend of tang Dynasty: Nie Yinniang

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Zhenyuan period, tang wei and will have a daughter named NieFeng NieYin niang, in implicit niang was about ten years old, there is a buddhist nun beg to nie, see niang bone QingQi Cain, very is like, want to accept it as a disciple, he said to NieFeng: “general nie, benny view your daughter bone QingQi, but there is one of the few XueWu only, if not to lean, teach, how to?”Nie Feng was a general, and his family was comfortable with food and clothing. Why should his daughter learn martial arts with a beggar nun?”You are a thief nun,” he said, “you are trying to abduct my daughter.My daughter, though not a princess, is also the daughter of an official. Can she live with you?”The old nun was also angry: “I was just asking for kindness, but since you are so unkind, EVEN if you hide your daughter in the iron cabinet, I will not help stealing her away.”Nie Feng was furious and sent his men to drive the nun out.That evening, Nie Feng was practicing his sword when a maid ran up to him and said, “Sir, the young lady has disappeared.”He sent his bodyguards to look for his daughter, but they could not find her for a long time. His wife was very regretful and scolded her husband for being rude to the monks, which led to the loss of her daughter.Nie Feng also blamed himself, the couple miss their daughter every day, will be relatively silent tears.Five years passed in a blink. Nie Feng was practicing his swordplay in the school yard when a servant came running up: “General, madam…She’s back.”When Nie Feng came to the meeting room, he found the nun sitting cross-legged. Seeing Nie Feng, she opened her eyes and smiled: “I have instructed your daughter. Now you can take her back.”Nie Feng saw the daughter who had grown into a big girl. Before he said anything, he found that the old nun sitting cross-legged had disappeared.Seeing his wife holding her daughter in her arms and crying with joy, Nie Feng asked her what she could learn from the old nun.The Hidden niang simply said, “Nothing, just reading and reciting sutras, nothing else?”Looking at the suspicious eyes of the family, Hidden niang said again: “Tell the truth, I’m afraid you won’t believe me, what should I do?””You tell me.”Nie Feng set the tone.Five years ago that night, I was suddenly taken away by a nun. I do not know how many miles I walked until dawn, when I came to a large stone cave, which was dozens of paces long and quiet.There were two girls in the cave, both about ten years old. They were gentle and beautiful, but they did not eat.The body is flexible, can climb the wall, agile like an ape.The nun gave me a medicine, and gave me a sword, two feet to long, sharp abnormal, can blow hair off.Let me learn light kung with two girls, slowly feel as light as a swallow, a year later, on the cliff to stab an ape, every shot.Then he made me practice killing tigers and leopards, cutting off their heads and bringing them back.After three years, he could stab an eagle with light skill, and his long sword gradually became five inches long from two chi.No animal ever lived when I laid a hand on it.In the fourth year, master asked two senior teachers to stay behind to guard the cave and led me to a city. He pointed at a man and explained his crime to me. He asked me to take his head and not let the other side find it.Then he gave me a dagger with a horn, three inches long.I killed that man in the daytime, and no one around him found it. I took his head back to the cave and turned it into blood with the potion.Five years later, master gave me another list. He said that there was a high official who was so cruel and cruel that he killed many people for no reason. He asked me to take his head at night.I crept into his room at night, climbed upon the beams, and when he was asleep, cut off his head and brought it back.Master was very angry and asked me why I was so late.I said, I saw him playing ball with a kid, very friendly, did not have the heart to attack.But the master said, “In the future, if you meet such a man, you should kill his son and his love, and then kill him.”I kowtowed to apologize, the master sighed, said I open your back of the head, hide the dagger in the inside can not hurt you, if need, can be taken out at any time.You’re done. You can go home.And she sent me back.Before we left, the master said, “It will be 20 years before you and I meet each other.”After Hearing this, Nie Feng was very worried. He just wanted his daughter to become an ordinary person without food and clothing, and thus became a highly skilled assassin.From then on, the hidden niang disappeared at night and did not return until dawn. Gradually, Nie Feng got used to it and did not dare to ask questions. The love between father and daughter seemed to be separated.One day, a boy who sharpened a mirror came to the gate of the nie Fu and sang songs to solicit business. The hidden niang suddenly said, “He can be my husband.”She told her father about it, and Nie Feng did not dare to disagree with her. In this way, the general’s daughter married a boy who grinded a mirror in the street.Her husband could only sharpen a mirror, but he could not. Fearing for his daughter, Nie Feng provided them with plenty of food and accommodation and told them to live in another house.A few years later, Nie feng fell ill and died.However, Wei Bo jie Du did not know where to hear of Hidden niang’s skills, so he hired her to act as an official. This continued for several years.Yuan he years, Wei Bo jie degree and Chen Xu jie make Liu Changyi because of territorial disputes, Wei Bo jie degree of anger, sent Yin Niang to take his head.The hidden mother was ordered to leave.Which know Liu Changyi also have some strange people, they calculate that Wei Bo will send assassins, called the house military attache, let him the next morning in the north of the city.A man and a woman, each riding a white donkey and a black donkey, arrived at the gate of the city, where they had to stand in line because there were so many people coming into the city.Just at the top of the tree there is a magpie, Shouting noisy, the man took out the slingshot, which know the mud ball flew out, was escaped by magpie.The wife looked, reached for her husband’s slingshot, a clay ball hit the magpie’s head.Looking at the two men, the military attache bowed to them and said, “Liu Poshi is here to send us to meet him.”It was Nie yinniang and her husband who sharpenedthe mirror. Seeing this, The hidden woman smiled and said, “Though Liu Poshi is a man of god, how else could he know we were coming? Please lead the way.”So in the house, Liu Changyi and their husband and wife met, the two sides of the wine, wine after three rounds, Nie Yinniang has understood liu Changyi’s meaning, and her husband kowtow said: “We take the risk of coming, impolite.”But Liu Changyi said, “No, each for his own. It’s just human nature. Wei shuai and I are no different.”Thank you very much, Sir,” said The hidden niang. “We have come to you.When Liu Chang-yi asked them what they needed, Yin Niang replied, “We are not ordinary people. Two hundred yuan a day is enough.”One day, the two donkeys they were riding suddenly disappeared. Liu Chang-yi sent people to look for them, but they could not find them. Then he found a paper donkey inside, one black and one white.More than a month later, The hidden niang suddenly asked liu Chang-yi to see him and said: “Wei Shuai does not know that we are staying here. He thinks we failed to assassinate him, so he must send some more men. Tonight, please cut a lock of your hair, wrap it with red silk, and send it to Wei Shuai’s pillow to show that we are not going back.”Liu Chang-yi did as he was told. On the fourth watch, the Hidden niang came back with traces of dew on her body.She said to Liu Changyi: “We have delivered the letter, wei Shuai will send another expert jingjing son to assassinate me and take your head. Now we will try to kill him, I hope you don’t worry.”Liu Changyi listened to the face does not change color, just let hidden niang their cheap act.That night, the house was brightly lit by the servants. After midnight, suddenly two flags, one red and one white, were beating each other proudly around the bed. Suddenly a man fell from the sky and had his head cut off.Then the Hidden mother came out of the darkness and said coolly, “The genie has given the order.”The hidden niang threw jingjinger’s body into the hall, stabbed him several times with a dagger, sprinkled with the medicine, soon, the hall issued a pungent smell, I saw jingjinger’s body slowly into a pool of yellow water, even the hair disappeared.The hidden woman asked her husband to dry the yellow water and scrape it for later use.She met Liu Changyi said: “servant shot adult, jing jing son failure, Wei Shuai will certainly send another master empty son again, empty son’s martial arts is more than jing Jing son, his martial arts unfathable, can enter the underworld from the void, good with invisible things attack the shadow of the world.I am not as good at martial arts as he is. It depends on your luck.Here is a string of Hetian jade. Please wrap it around your neck and cover it with a quilt. I will turn into a small flying insect and dive into your stomach waiting for a chance to move.”Liu Changyi according to what he said, to the midnight, Liu Changyi closed his eyes, but how can not sleep.Suddenly he heard a bang on his neck. Nie jumped out of Liu chang-yi’s mouth and said to him, “The servant shot at your excellency. It’s all right.He is a master, very proud, as long as there is not a kill, will not make a second shot.Now he’s a thousand miles away.”Liu Changyi was not convinced. He removed hetian jade from his neck, only to find, to his horror, that the jade had been cut with a dagger and was somewhat deep.Liu Changyi found that he walked from the head of the ghost door, quickly sent messengers to Nie Yinniang husband and wife to send a gift to thank them for saving their lives.Yuan and eight years, Liu Changyi from Chen Xu to the Beijing division, he sent to consult hidden niang can go to the Beijing division with him, but was rejected by hidden niang.She said, “I am originally from the mountains and wild, but I have not yet achieved my martial arts skills. I need to find a man of virtue in the mountains and rivers. Please give my husband a dummy job.”Liu Changyi did as promised, and then broke up with Nie Yinniang, gradually do not know the whereabouts of the hidden niang, a few years later, Liu Changyi died in the office of the Unified army, Nie Yinniang heard, riding a white donkey came to the Capital, liu Changyi in front of the funeral worship, floated away.During the Reign of Kaicheng, Liu Zong, the son of Liu Chang-yi, paid a New Year visit to the governor of Lingzhou. On his way to the post, he met Nie Yinniang on the plank road in the middle of Shu. They were of similar age and had a relationship.Seeing Yin Niang’s face, she was as young and beautiful as if she were in her twenties. She was very glad to see Liu Zong and advised him, “You have a great disaster. You should not go to the middle of Shu.”She took out a pill and handed it to Liu. “Only when you resign next year and return to Luoyang can you escape from this disaster,” she said.In order to express his gratitude, Liu Zong gave The hidden Niang two pieces of Sichuan cotton. However, he knew that the hidden niang did not ask for it.A year later, Liu Zong had forgotten the words of the Hidden niang. As a result, he died in Lingzhou before the end of his term of office.Since then, no one has seen Nie yinniang again, she has become a legend in the world, a legend with a dagger in hand to change the pattern of the court.This story comes from the legend of tang Dynasty, which is also the earliest wuxia novel. Do you like this story?