I am on duty for the Spring Festival!

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Stick to work as usual, silently guarding the peace of one side of the land…New Year’s Eve dinner in the police camp New Year’s Eve dinner, deputy mayor, director of public security Zhang Hongliang went to weaver North police station to visit the frontline police and auxiliary police members who stick to their posts, and in the police station canteen with the police on duty, auxiliary police, peace volunteers together to make dumplings, eat New Year’s Eve dinner, chatter.Although they can’t share the reunion dinner with their families, the police camp is their home away from home.I feel the warmth of home in a police camp while watching a hot meal and gathering with my brothers who cannot go home.Safe and unclosed every family reunion day, can not accompany in the family side, there is always a little regret.But as the saying goes, “Hold on, for more reunion”,……Warning lights flashing, the New Year, the shu shu will set out again…On the first day of the New Year, Zhang Zhenkai, director of zhili Public Security Sub-bureau, visited the police and auxiliary police who stick to their posts, and brought them the party Committee’s warm sympathy and New Year’s greetings.They, as usual, patrol in the streets, shuttling between the “lights of thousands of homes”, day and night, has been on the road in the post, protecting the safe return of tens of millions of people.Strictly check all kinds of traffic crimes to ensure that you travel safely and get home safely.Peace I protect them uninterrupted to carry out site inspection, platoon eliminate check hidden dangers, the danger stepped on the foot, the peace left behind.Every Spring Festival, zhili public security police shu shu people brave the cold and loneliness, stick to the “position”, their busy figure, interpretation of the “Spring Festival I on the post, peace tens of millions of” solemn commitment.During the Spring Festival, zhili Public Security Sub-bureau is equipped with intimate midnight snacks so that the auxiliary police on duty can eat hot dumplings to warm their stomachs and hearts.Here, pay tribute to the police who stood firm on duty during the Spring Festival!Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year, peace and happiness!END review | Zhao Aiwei Brother Jiang Lanfen edit | security diu diu younger sister