Hunan a new round of rain and snow online, you look forward to the sun also have news

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Sanxiang Metropolis Daily On February 21 (all media reporter Li Chenghui correspondent Wang Xiang Liu Yue Xiao Ying) At noon on February 21, changsha snow came unexpectedly, many small partners straight call: “rain time zha also snow?”In addition to Changsha, Xiangxi, Shaoyang and other places have also fallen snow.Today’s snow may just be a “drill,” with more snow to come.Meteorological authorities said, 22, central Hunan parts of the heavy snow.However, after this wave of snow, from the 23rd, most of the weather in the province turned good, the temperature gradually rose.More than 8.4 days!The snow in the south is gentle, falling silently at night, moistening things silently, and bringing everyone a surprise in the morning.21 early in the morning, Ms. Liu, who lives in Jishou, Western Hunan, opened her eyes and opened the window to see that the world seemed to have changed. The familiar plants and trees, Bridges and water, all turned into ethereal fairy tales under the cover of snow, white and pure, step by step, and everywhere is so beautiful and moving.Students have a snowball fight after class at Shaping Nine-year compulsory School in Longhui County, Shaoyang City, North China’s Henan Province, Feb. 21, 2019.Correspondent Xiao Ying photograph) that morning, Shaoyang Longhui County sand ping nine years of compulsory school, the playground has a thicker snow.As soon as the bell rang, the children rushed to the playground, rolled up their sleeves, and had a snowball fight.The biting wind could not prevent them from enjoying the joy of snow.Actual data showed that on The 20th, 48 counties and cities in the province saw sleet or snow, of which 36 counties and cities had pure snow.This boundless snowflakes, really let joy also let a person worry, many citizens have asked “ask Hunan fine for what?”According to the data of Hunan Climate Center, since January 23, Hunan has seen a long period of low-temperature overcast rain (snow) with little sunshine for more than a month, including 4 rounds of snow and freezing process.The average temperature of the whole province is 3.9℃, 3.1℃ lower than the same period of the year.The average number of rain and snow days was 21.4 days, 8.4 days more than usual and the highest since 1961.Cumulative precipitation of 157.6 mm, 1.3 times more than the same period of the previous year, ranking the second highest in the historical period since 1961.The cumulative sunshine duration is 12.2 hours, 80% less than that of the same period in the whole year, ranking the second lowest in the historical period since 1961, which has a great impact on the Spring Festival transportation and agricultural production in Our province.Snow scenery in Jishou, Central China’s Hunan Province, Feb. 21, 2019.Correspondent Huang Xin photo) expert: Snow after the start of Spring is not rare “Spring still snow, or blizzard, live long to see!”This year’s snow, has let the citizen Ms. Liu unable to ridicule, now she is looking forward to the sun, “snow has been tired of seeing, can change the sun?”In fact, February 21, after the start of spring, snow is not uncommon. In Changsha, for example, there was snow on the day of dragon head (March 4).”This time, the cold air is very strong, and the water vapor is very abundant. The combination of the two is exquisite, and the amount of snow is not to be underestimated.”Changsha city meteorological station deputy director Zhu Jialiang explained.Changsha meteorological Station predicted that there will be a low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather process in Changsha from February 21 to 22. The main snowfall period will be from the afternoon to the night of February 22. There will be heavy snowfall in most areas, the snow depth will reach 5 to 10 cm, and the lowest temperature will drop to -1 to 0℃, -5 to -3℃ in mountainous areas.Zhu Jialiang said, generally speaking, snow in southern China, mostly with the cold front to push water vapor south, from north to south;But this time there is a relatively rare situation, is strong cold air to freeze first, and then warm wet air from the south to the north push cold air.So the snow situation this time is more complicated, how much can fall, how much rain in it, and there is still uncertainty.On February 21, the top of Shizhufeng in Liuyang looks like an ink-and-wash painting after snow.Photo by Ouyang Fangfang) Double warning!Hunan improve low temperature sleet freezing emergency response for level 3 province, affected by the upper trough and the north cold air southward, 21 solstice 22 province have a heavy snow weather, hunan and large parts of the south is expected to have big blizzard to blizzard, the lowest temperature will drop to – 2 to 0 ℃, most have 5 to 10 cm of snow in the province, local up to 15 to 20 centimeters,The impact on transportation, electricity, energy supply, urban operation and agriculture will be great, and we need to take preventive measures.According to the latest meteorological data analysis, on the evening of 21 to 22 in Central Hunan there are snowstorms to heavy snowstorms, high disaster risk.According to the above situation, at 16:00 on February 21, the Hunan Meteorological Bureau upgraded its emergency response to low-temperature rain, snow and freezing to level 3, strengthening monitoring, forecast and early warning services and joint prevention and control of departments, and effectively doing a good job in meteorological support.Hunan Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow blizzard warning at 16:00 on February 21: it is expected that from 20:00 on February 21 to 20:00 on February 22, changsha, Xiangtan, Shaoyang, southeastern Yueyang, southern Yiyang, Huaihua, Loudi, southern Xiangxi will have more than 10 mm of snow, and the above areas will have more than 5 cm of snow, please pay attention to precautions.Hunan Meteorological Station issued a yellow warning of low temperature rain and snow freezing at 16:00 on February 21: it is expected that from 20:00 on The 21st to 20:00 on the 22nd, the central part of xiangxi, western Shaoyang, western Yiyang, central and southern Huaihua, western Loudi will appear rime or snow, and the lowest temperature ≤0℃, please pay attention to precautions.The good news is that the weather in the province turned better after the 23rd, with the temperature rising significantly, with the highest temperature rising to 15 to 20℃. The continuous extreme low temperature rainy weather (snow) has come to an end since January 23rd.What is the amount and depth of snow?In the weather forecast, especially the weather forecast of low temperature rain and snow this year, we often see two words: snow amount and snow depth. So, what is snow amount and snow depth?Provincial weather station meteorological experts said, in fact, one is to calculate water, one is to calculate snow.Meteorological expert introduces, snowfall amount is to point to the amount of water after snow melts how much, snow falls bigger, the water that becomes after melting is more, water quantity is more, snowfall amount is bigger.Snowfall can be classified into six levels from low to high: light snow, moderate snow, heavy snow, heavy snow, major snow, and extreme snow.Snow depth is the thickness of snow, which is mainly obtained by measuring the unmelted snow in the meteorological observation field. Snow may not have snow, but sometimes the ground temperature is high, and the snow will soon melt when it falls to the ground.These two indicators are very important, for blizzard, road ice warning are reference.Meteorologists say the ratio is not fixed, but varies with how wet or dry the snow is.If the flakes are fluffy and low in humidity, and are common in the north, the same amount of snow tends to form a thicker pack.If the snow is dense and wet, as it often is in the south, the same amount of snow will form a thinner pack.Hunan and other places are mainly wet snow.According to the introduction, wet snow water content, a pinch by hand easy into a group, generally not easy to be blown away by the wind, sticky, on the ground and clothes are easy to leave wet marks, this kind of snow contains water droplets, is “wet”, so called wet snow.Wet snow is heavier than dry snow, so beware of snow damage.In the north, snow of 8 to 10 centimeters thickness on 10 square meters can weigh up to 100 kilograms, while in the south, snow of the same area and thickness can reach 130 kilograms.If the snow is too deep, it could collapse houses or crop facilities.