How humble is the veteran’s road back?Umbrella emperor exposed training FPX auxiliary, but no team shelter

2022-09-11 0 By

LPL each big war team is all in the adjustment state.In the transfer period that just ended, many players got their dream teams, but many didn’t get contracts.One of the most interesting aspects of this season’s transition is that many former players are trying out to get back on the court.Bao LAN had tried many times before, but unfortunately, he did not join any team as he wanted, so he had to take a rest.He said that when he tried out for AD, he also tried out for support. Even though he agreed to change positions, the result of the trial was not good, and he was rejected by the team in just one day.Umbrella huang also said that his trial at that time the two teams fail, and went to the FPX myself, Lin Huixiang was to find their own partner, try a lot of auxiliary all have no suitable candidate, umbrella huang also trial Lin Huixiang auxiliary, even if want to change new position to action, but his comeback road still failed.As a player who has retired for a long time, the competition pressure of e-sports is very high, so it is difficult for him to return to the competition again without the support of good state and popularity. Therefore, it is difficult for him to return to the competition through trial training because of his popularity and strength, but he should also find the reason from himself.After all, the transfer period is also crucial for each team, and team members are also considered.It looks like retired players will have to work harder to get back on the court.