Battle of Guandu: Unequal battle between two groups for the position of one brother

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How did Cao Cao and Yuan Shao fall in love with each other?It was the tea in Liu Xuande’s tea that caused discord.At that time, the less famous Liu was homeless again.Under weighing around, yuan Shao took refuge.In the course of getting along with his master, Liu Xuande casually said that Cao Cao once said of you: “Look stern and timid, good at making decisions;Do great things and cherish the body, see small gains and forget life: not a hero.”Yuan Shao Instantaneous jue and Cao friends, had to fight a war, with strength to prove that they are worthy of the “hero” two words.The story of Cao mengde and Yuan Benchu, however, goes back many years — to a time when they were young partners with high spirits and strong passions…As the development route is different, 2 people appear diverge gradually, gradually go gradually far…In The Three Kingdoms of blue blood and yellow sand, there are not only big scenes of fighting, but also small details of life.The young Cao Cao and the middle-aged Yuan Shao, in the story of blue blood and yellow sand, just like the so-and-so and so-and-so we are familiar with, walking hand in hand at that time, this time angry opposite.There are many memorable historical events throughout the ups and downs, creating pictures in the discussion, self-inserted, feeling congenial at that time, or in the heart of shame, see the growth and decline of the characters track.How many days are there to win or lose?Not so, it seems.At this time, Yuan Shao defeated Gongsun Zan and took over Gongsun zan’s territory and army.At this time, Yuan Shao was strong and strong, and his military value was yan Liang, Wen Chou, Zhang He, Gao LAN. The member of the think tank was Tian Feng ju, xu You. He had plenty of food and grass, and was worthy of being a brother in the north.In the end, however, it’s worth noting why this luxury top-tier resource didn’t win the day.Among them: how is the back of the people formed step by step?How does momentum and fighting spirit turn the wind?How did the decisive fire burn?In the tale of blue blood and yellow sand, an entire battle is laid out frame by frame like a movie.We can see yuan Benchu’s emotional and blank moments and Cao Mengde’s moments of anxiety and joy.Among the small details, probably also like the current life scene, inadvertently revealed a certain personality, character and other multiple shortcomings.It’s serious history, but it’s also a little fun, and that’s what history is supposed to be.Is fire the best way to win?In The Three Kingdoms, there were many famous battles in which fire was used. Burning the black nest was probably a beginning.This tactic is really good – a fire destroyed the reserve munitions supplies, resulting in the overall collapse of Yuan Shao troops, directly determined the outcome of the war situation.After this battle, the fire attack was used in other battles, almost always turning the tide.However, there are exceptions.In the case of the Battle of Guandu, the strategy of Xu You, a tactician from Yuan Shao’s inner circle, to seize the granary was originally intended to be used against Cao Cao, and then changed tack when things went wrong.An army without food was like a flock of birds without their souls, and the 700, 000 Yuan army fell apart.On the way to rescue the black nest, and lost Zhang He, high view two general, at this moment, again proud characters also had to admit that he lost, a elder brother status had to hand over.The real Battle of Guandu must be wonderful.The flow of talent, the scheming and the mentality of the manager deserve to be analysed.Blue blood yellow sand in the story, must be more coherent, shallow talk to infinite meaning.History is amazing. It can be true or false, exaggerated or derogatory, framed or self-interested. In general, history is a master of imitation, showing people any side at will.However, the truth is often only one, and a simple truth, there are hidden countless details, like a very delicate mechanism, opened layer by layer, there is always a heavy novelty.The essence of history inspection is to find the real history under the veil of time construction, and get fresh interest from some unexplored opportunism.Audio “The Wind of The Three Kingdoms” (text: Xiaoqin) “The Wind of The Three Kingdoms” has been updated to “The Battle of Guandu” chapter, interested in big chest younger brother don’t wait for the whole more, in advance to store, slowly listen to not sweet?Ha ha ~