Xiao ke: 150 thousand budget want to buy joint venture compact SUV?Take a look at it

2022-09-10 0 By

With affordable, easy to open, practical main selling points, after several years on the market, Dongfeng Nissan-Xiaoke has accumulated a huge holding and quite good reputation.With a car budget of around $150,000, it might be a good choice.The 2022 2.0L CVT XV Smart Edition is the lowest model of the whole series, with an official guide price of 154,900 yuan and a certain discount at the end of the market. Is it worth recommending?Dongfeng Nissan – Xiaoke Xiaoke modelling is not strange, with today’s vision, the overall design slightly out of date, but enough to look.In terms of appearance, there is a certain difference between the entry model and the high-matching model. The chrome-plated trim is absent in the details such as the front enclosure, presenting a lot of grade sense.On the entry model, halogen light source is used for both near and far light. Although there is a lens structure inside the lamp cavity, the sense of delicacy is still not high.Function, support automatic headlights, LED daytime running lights and so on.Length, width and height: 4401/1837/1593mm Wheelbase: 2646mm Compared with high models, the difference between the lowest models in car side modeling is mainly two points. One is that the size of the wheel rim is smaller;Second, there is no roof rack.The rim size is 17 inches and the tyre size is 215/60 R17.Compared with the dual-color sports wheel rims on high matching models, the wheel rims on low matching models are much less in size and shape, and the visual effect is relatively general.The rear shape is basically the same as the high-matching model, without obvious difference.In terms of configuration, the entry model is not equipped with rear parking radar, only equipped with reversing image system, which is barely enough.The overall performance of the interior cabin is much the same as that of high-matching models. The interior style is relatively simple and home, and the material level can reach the passing level.The steering wheel is made of plastic without leather wrapping. It is suggested to upgrade later.The shape of the instrument panel is exactly the same as that of the high-volume model, and the 5-inch color display screen in the middle can provide rich driving information.The 9-inch central control screen is standard for the whole system, supporting navigation, voice recognition, Internet of vehicles and other functions, which is enough for daily use.The seats are wrapped in leather, with red stitching, and the performance is good.The adjustment mode of the front seat is manual, and the main driver’s seat electric adjustment and seat heating function are available on high-matching models.In terms of power, the entire series is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 151 HP and a maximum torque of 194 N · m, matched by a CVT transmission (simulated seventh gear).Suspension, the use of the former McPherson independent suspension + after the multi-link independent suspension combination.Last but not least: the 2022 2.0-L CVT XV Smart Premium, as the minimum model, does not perform well in terms of specs, and it is also somewhat slimmer in terms of appearance.If you’re not on a particularly tight budget, I recommend buying the 2022 2.0L CVT XV Prem.Deluxe edition (official guide price: 168,800 yuan).For the price of 13,900 yuan, you can buy 18-inch wheel rims, roof racks, LED headlights, front/rear parking radar, parallel assist, lane departure warning, 360-degree panoramic video, cruise control, leather steering wheel, main driver’s seat electric adjustment and more.I think it’s quite a bargain.