Weinan Museum was rated as a national 4A level tourist attraction

2022-09-10 0 By

Recently, the reporter understands from shaanxi province wen brigade hall, according to the national standard of the People’s Republic of China the traveling scenic area of division and evaluation of quality level and management of tourism scenic spot quality level by the relevant municipal tourism scenic quality rating agencies recommended, shaanxi brigade hall organization evaluation, a new 15 established in shaanxi tourism scenic spot of national 4 a level scenic spots.The 15 tourist attractions rated as 4A scenic spots are as follows:Xi ‘an guang ren temple culture scenic area, changle baoji tableland resistance industrial sites, xianyang zhaoling scenic spot, tongchuan city creek mountain scenic spot scenic area scenic area, weinan museum, yan ‘an tyurin anti-japanese memorial scenic area, yan ‘an oasis grand canyon scenic spot, yulin Dan Mao ruins cultural tourist area, our green bay scenic area of yulin city, the ancient city of yulin city of state scenic area, grassland, zhang qian’s tomb scenic spot, in hanzhong cityWuzi Mountain scenic area, Ankang Yanshan Waterfall scenic area, Shangluo City moon Cave scenic area, Shangluo City python Ling green road scenic area.Among them, Zhangqian Tomb scenic spot has achieved the breakthrough of “Zero” as A chenggu High Grade A tourist spot, becoming A new milestone in the development of chenggu full-area tourism.Zhang Qian’s Tomb, located in Chenggu County, Shaanxi Province, is a garden type cultural scenic spot built based on the tomb of Zhang Qian, a famous diplomat, explorer and pioneer of the silk Road in the Western Han Dynasty.In 2006, Zhang qian’s tomb was declared a key cultural relic site under national protection by The State Council.Zhang qian’s tomb was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2014.In 2019, the Zhang Qian Memorial Hall was named “National Education Base for Ethnic Unity and Progress” by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission.In 2021, it was named the “National Patriotism Education Base” by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee.(Credit: Northwest Information)