Spring Festival can not go home, mom to accompany you

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, passengers in a hurry set foot on the train home in lanzhou.Lanzhou railway police special police detachment police Li Haidong still as in previous years, again gave up the opportunity to reunite with his family, stick to the post.Since becoming a special police officer in August 2019, Li haidong has stayed at his post for three Consecutive Spring Festivals without going home.When he was young, his father died, and his mother was the only one living alone. His only sister could only go home to accompany his mother when she had a rest at work.During a heart-to-heart talk organized by the detachment, Li haidong expressed his wish to spend the Spring Festival with his mother.In order to achieve the wishes of Li Haidong, before the Spring Festival special police detachment party branch thought of a recruit – pick up Li Haidong mother to the detachment for the New Year.In the early morning of the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, Off-duty deputy detachment commander Li Ang and his comrades arrived at Minxian Station by train, and then transferred to a bus to Li Haidong’s home in Muer town, Zhuoni County, more than 400 kilometers away from Lanzhou.Leon and Li Haidong’s mother and sister agreed to hide Li Haidong to Lanzhou in the detachment of the New Year, to Li Haidong a surprise year of the tiger.In the morning of December 29th, li Haidong’s mother walked into the provincial capital for the first time and visited lanzhou city accompanied by off-duty members of the SPECIAL police detachment.After a series of activities, Li haidong’s mother made “mom’s dumplings” for Li with her own ingredients.After making dumplings, she and special police detachment police to prepare a big guy New Year’s Eve dinner.At 7:00 PM, Li Haidong’s mother sent the dumplings specially made for Li Haidong to Li and his colleagues who were on duty at the lanzhou station police station.Unwitting Li Haidong actually ate the taste of home.Halfway through eating dumplings, Fang Chunru, the detachment leader, suggested that comrades on duty record a video for their families.Li Haidong is in front of the camera to tell the thoughts of family, mother and sister in the comrade-in-arms down to Li Haidong side.The sudden appearance of his family brought tears to the big boy’s eyes.Ge Qiang, chief reporter of Lanzhou Daily, reporter Su Xudong/photo